WOD 5/4 – Join us tonight for Stacey’s Send off to Regionals!

A. 16:00 E202
2 Front Squats + Split Jerk
(pause at receiving position of split jerk for 1-2 seconds before recovering)
*Build up to 90% of your 1 RM

B.16:00 E202
Clean Lift Off w/ :02 Pause AK + Power Clean
*by feel

C. 15:00 E303
Deadlift x3x5 @ 105% of 6 RM


Join us tonight at 6:30 to celebrate Stacey as she prepares for Regionals! Also – get me your shirt orders ASAP
(email or FB Genevieve for details – genny@crossfitaustin.com)

Chasing Stacey – Send Off To Regionals