WOD 5/6

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:60 Hollow Hold or Rock

4 Rounds
800M Run @ 85%
10 Ring Dips
15 Russian Swings (24K, 16K)
20 Wall Balls (20 lb, 15 lb)
*Time Recorded
*Higher effort on the run, recovery effort on the movements

You’re a good man, Charlie Brown. -Charles Schulz

Injuries and the circus
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– Muddy Buddy is coming up on May 14-15th.  If you are interested in participating, sign up here!!
– Murph Day 2011 is here!

AM Results
Nick 23:54 Rx
Matt 27:13 (RPU, 16K, 14lbs)
Melicious 32:10 (PU, 16K, 10lbs)
Teeny 32:15 (BD, 12K, 6lbs)
Mego DNF
Ray 24:24 (15lbs)
John D. 26:32 (RPU)
Snooki 26:49 (BD, 12K, 6lbs)
Lance 34:52 (RPU, 16K, 14lbs)
Letty 28:24 (BD, 10lbs +stroller)
Natalie 38:58 (BD, 12K, 6lbs)
Blake 27:33 Rx+32K
Colleen 27:45 (BD)
Danielle 29:19 (BD, 10lbs)
Tasha 32:54 MOD
Jables 32:17 (PU)
Crash 37:10 (PU, 12K, 10lbs)
Senator 35:39 (PU, 16K, 10lbs)
Stephanie 29:58 (BD, 10lbs)
Brandy 30:12 MOD
Heather 32:38 (BD, 6lbs)
Jesse 34:39 (BD)
Cat 32:09 (KPU)
J.J. 33:55 (RPU, 20K, 10lbs)
Geno 39:28 Rx