WOD 6/12

Two Person Teams:

In 15 minutes find a combined 4 Rep Max Deadlift
*one bar per team, each person must do at least one of the 4 reps per weight

In 15 minutes complete a combined 50 strict chin-ups at a 30X0 Tempo
*One person works at a time, tempo must be maintained

In 10 minutes complete as many laps around the building as possible
*Score will equal combined laps of teammates

Each team will be ranked after each event, and receive a point amount for there placement, lowest score wins 321…GO!

Watch live at 1 PM today as Coach Chad competes for the USA National Championship of Olympic Weightlifting!

Team Results  
Darlene & LG 10 pts
Blake & Keihler 3 pts
John D. & Alex 8 pts
Kirk & Jeff 4 pts
OJoe & Greg 8 pts
Chaz & Sherman 5 pts (1st  2 events)