WOD 6/13

3 Rounds
6:00 AMRAP
250 M Row5 Hip Power Snatches
10 Barbell Lunges
15 Deadlifts
3:00 Rest
M: 95lbs, W: 65lbs
*Completed rounds recorded
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-Murph Day pictures have been posted
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– June 23rd is HAPPY HOUR at Little Woodrows at 7:00pm for Steak Night!
– June 25th, CFA will be hosting Mark Sisson’s, author of “The Primal Blueprint”,  Primal Accelerated Success Training seminar.  Sign up
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– Livestrong Fundraiser and WOD in honor of Colleen Legge’s 5 year cancer-versary!
Go here to donate and participate, and reserve your time slot here!

Wes and Colleen are teaming up to create one Cancer Butt Kicking WOD for the July 2nd Event!

AM Results
Erica 3 (45lbs)
Ginger 3 (25lbs)
Big Shug 2 (25lbs)
Beast 3 (45lbs)
Jesse 3 (65lbs)
Walker 3 (45lbs)
Tall “D” 3 (75lbs)
Ray 3 (75lbs)
MG Jenny 3 (25lbs)
Anthony 3 (65lbs)
Matthew 3 (65lbs)
Senator 3 (55lbs)
Danielle 3 (35lbs)
Melicious 3 (45lbs)
Sam 3 (15lbs)
LakeFront BootCamp
Rob 3 Rx
Emily 3 MOD
Ryan 3 (75lbs)
Natalie 3 (35lbs)
Peter 3 (65lbs)
Cody 6 Rx
PM Results
G 4 (50lb)
Winner 4 (35lb)
Danny 5 (75lb)
Colleen 5 (35lb)
Boone 5 Rx
Stephen 5 Rx
Nikki 5 (55lb)
Jon 7 Rx
Amy 3 (37lb)
Lance 4 (65lb)
Andrew 4 (55lb)
Blake 5 Rx
Jennifer 4 (35lb)
Elena 3 (25lb)
Jeannette 4 (25lb)
Geno 5 Rx
Kaz 5 (65lb)
Debbie 4 (35lb, MOD)
Schittone 4 (67lb)
Christy 5 (45lb)
Darlene 4 (55lb)
Jesse 5 Rx
Sanchez 3 (70lb)
Dain 5 Rx
Kristin 3 (45lb)
Chaz 4 (85lb)
David 4 Rx
Liz 4 Rx
Will 3 (35lb)
Jerry 4 Rx
Crash 4 (35lb)
Megan 4 (45lb)
Kavi 3 (75lb)
Zoom 4 (57lb)
On Ramp
Cheyenne 6:15
Ty 6:04
The Show Ups 10:05