WOD 6/14

Level Two
A. Squat x4x4 @ 90% Rest 3:00
B1. DB Floor Press x4x5 (Heavy, RPE 9) Rest :60
B2. Sumo Deadlift x4x5 @ 80% Rest :60
C1. DB Bent-Over Row x8x3 Rest :45
C2. Muscle Snatch x8x3 Rest :45

Level One (Day 2)

200 M Run
3 Rounds
10 Step-ups/Leg
10 Flutter Kicks
200 M Run
*Time recorded

Cash Out
Shin on Wall Stretch
Max Side Plank Per side
*Record Max Side Plank

Why You Should Work Outside
*Post thoughts to comments

“Your attitude is either the lock on, or the key to the door of success.”Denis Waitley


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Gotta start ’em early! 

AM – Level 1
Bradley 4:48
Andrew 4:57
Lavon 5:51
Lisa 5:50
Christopher 6:51
Ryan 5:26
AM – Level 2
Kristin S
Natalia S
Sean S
J.V. S
K.T. S
Money S
J.P. S
Sparker S
Leah S
Big Spoon S
Becky S
Tow Matt S
Mego S
9am S
Michael S
Bryan S
Jo S
Caitlin S
Paul S
Schittone S
Dusty S
Pam S
Blaz S
Gary S
Ray S
Christina S
George S
Nicole S
12P – Level 1
James 4:35
Parnell 6:10 (Row)
PM – Level 2
Flury S
Pinky S
Jeff S
Michelle T S
Russell S
Marissa S
Gabriel S
Nic S
Desiree S
Ashley S
Alan S
Ed S
Crash S
Angela S
Jennifer L S
Two-Toned S
Keith S
Wade S
Rocky S
Brandon S
Cowboy S
Denise S
Andy S
C2 S
Liz G S
Mr T S
Adrian S
Wood S
Elena S
PM – Level 1
Billy 5:18
Heather 5:12
Jeanette 5:49
Pattie 4:49
Jenny 6:28
Jillian 6:43
Melissa 4:02
Sarah 5:05
Jennifer 4:51