WOD 6/17

AbMat Sit-ups
Walking Lunges (35 lb, 20 lbs)

In doing your work in the great world, it is a safe plan to follow a rule I once heard on the football field: Don’t flinch, don’t fall; hit the line hard. -Theodore Roosevelt

For the Win

Lets take the stairs

**Announcement**- Keir is going to be leading a Self Myofascial Release (Foam Rolling) Workshop after the 10 AM Saturday morning class.  If your interested in speeding up your recovery time, increasing your range of motion, and preventing injuries you should be present for this.  It will only take about 20 minutes and will start promptly at 11 AM.   


AM Results
Jennie     7:23 Rx
Laura     9:05 Rx
Blake     9:15 Rx
Rob     8:53 Rx 
Bill     14:11 (15 lb)
Kristin     7:43 Rx
Brianne     8:26 Rx
Paige     8:57 Rx
Daniel     8:07 Rx
PM Results
Dave     9:57 Rx
Tara      9:25 Rx
Glen     7:50 Rx
Boone     6:48 Rx
Tristy     7:17 Rx
Walker     9:40 Rx
Jack     11:20 Rx
Payne     7:35 Rx
Sherman     9:51 Rx
Wes     7:11 Rx
Betsy     7:05 Rx
Julian     7:44 (20 lb)
Keir     6:20 Rx
BWOD: 40 Wall Balls, 400 M Ball Run
Michael     3:30 (15 lb)
Lauren     4:56 (10 lb)
Ally     5:04 (10 lb)