WOD 6/19

A. Skill Practice Warm Up:
5:00 EMOM
3/ Leg BB SLDL
*increase weight each minute

B. 10:00 EMOM
Min 1 – 3 DL
Min 2 – 3 Strict Pull-ups (add weight as needed)
*Build each set, goal is to work to a heavy challenging weight but does not have to be a max
*DL weight recorded

C. 4 Rounds
400 M Run
2:00 Rest  
*all times recorded, goal is consistency
*Scale: 3 rounds or 200 M runs

Scaling Guide:
– 1:15-2:00 per round, not including the rest.

Optional ‘Cash Out’:
3 Rounds
12 suitcase lunge steps
12 single arm db/kb presses
20 cal row