WOD 6/2

A. Handstand Practice
B1. Partner Wall Facing Handstand Push-up x3x5 rest 1:00
B2. DB RDLs x5x5 rest 1:00

5 Rounds
:15 DB Push Press
:45 Rest
:15 Box Jump
:45 Rest
:15 DB Snatch (1 Arm/round)
:45 Rest

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go. -Oscar Wilde

Training Extensors
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AM Results
Mego 25?
Tow Matt 106
Tall D 100?
Dana 90
Melody 75?
Cody 150
Colleen 103
Letty 123
PM Results
Kristin 156
“G” 142
LG 96
Jon 96
Nikki 156
Elena 120
Darlene 154
Christy 139
Debbie 102
Tom 140
Randy 56
Young 80
Chrissy 132
Kaz 116
Lana 112
Kristie 125