WOD 6/21

Make up/Skill Day

A. Press x3x4 @85-90%  rest 1:00
B. Squats x3x5 @85-90% rest 3:00
C. DL x3x3 @85%  rest 3:00

The dust has settled and hands are healing, but the excitement of this weekend hasn’t even begun to wear off. As I reflect on this weekend, one thought continues to sear into my mind.  We have an amazing team. A team that goes miles beyond the traditional confines used to define the term.  We have an unstoppable team of people that relentlessly pick one another up when things are tough. A team that celebrates louder and prouder in friends’ successes over their own.  A team that supports one another no matter the cost.

This was all very evident in the attitudes and efforts in those of who competed this weekend, but this isn’t about the competitors.  This is about Carissa and Sleeves training long hard hours knowing the fruits of their labor would be confined between the gym walls. It’s about my sister making trips to Wal-Mart early in the morning so are hands would be protected on day 3. It’s about Darlene getting to the event on Friday so we could have a tent for the entire weekend. It’s about people giving up there weekend to cheer in the 100 degree dirt and dust for their friends.

Words can’t describe the love I felt from the CrossFit Austin family this weekend.  The picture below does all the talking for me.


The true MVP’s of the weekend!
Our amazing CFA Family who weathered the blistering heat and pushed everyone past their limits!

AM Results
Jables F 411
9am S
Kirk S
Ty S
Tall D S
MG Jenny S
Erica S
Shane C
Tristy F 34:55
Colleen S
Ivan F 35:04 Rx
Heather W 9:59 (45lb, Jump)
PM Results
AG F 37:51 Rx
Winner S
Cat S
Geno S
Danielle S
Kristin M 356 m, 22 CAL (2R)
Crash M 382 M, 17 CAL
Cody S
Darlene S
Blake S
Anthony S
Kristin S
Sleeves S
Jerry S
Carissa S
Christy S
Dain S
Lance S
Ross S
Ryan S
Kristi S
Zoom M
David S
Eric S
Chrissy S