WOD 6/27

Team WOD
2K Row
100 Burpees
100 Walking Lunge Steps
2K Row
*Teams of 2-4
*Divide all meters and reps amongst teammates
*1 Person works at a time
*Total time recorded

The world is round so that friendship may encircle it. -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Fast food and weight gain
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– Livestrong Fundraiser and WOD in honor of Colleen
Legge’s 5 year cancer-versary! Go here to donate and participate, and reserve your time slot here!
-July 4th, we will be running a limited schedule.  We will have a 10:00am class.
-July 5th, free WOD at 7:00pm.  Bring your friends and family and sign them up

AM Results
Beast & Mike 31:03
Gingers & Elizabeth 31:46
Matthew & Ray 23:37
9am, MG Jenny & Chaz 25:33
Rob & Sam 27:41
Tall “D” & Letty 27:16 (MOD)
PM Results
David, Randy 28:53
Jables, Jeanette, Cat 24:58
Tasha, Dayna, Colleen 23:25
Cody, Boone 23:07
Dain, Stephanie 27:59
Stacey, Leigh 24:16
Betsy, Elena 29:00
Lance, John 29:49
Carissa, Christy 27:22
Uzi, Jerry 24:43
Schittone, Ryan, Anthony 25:21
JV, Kristie, Sanchez 29:51
Darlene 27:24
Nick, Huston 24:14
Zoom, Megan, Courtney 26:08
Jenni, Danielle, Andrea 27:04
Danny, Sean 26:34