WOD 6/3

10 Minutes Pose Running Practice
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Clean Practice (end by working up to a heavy 2)
*Prettiest 2 Rep Clean recorded

Not For Time
3 Rounds
10 Perfect Ring Rows
15 Hollow Rocks
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Doubt whom you will, but never yourself. –Christian Bovee

Sleep boosts your game
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-MEAT FEST is here again!  CrossFit Austin’s Men’s Day will take place this Sunday at Salt Lick in Driftwood at 1:00pm.  Sign up here to attend!
-Free YOGA classes coming to CFA!  Starting Sunday, June 5th at 4:00pm, one of our very own will be hosting a Yoga class at CFA.  Sign up
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– Murph Day 2011 is almost
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– June 25th, CFA will be hosting Mark Sisson’s, author of “The Primal Blueprint”,  Primal Accelerated Success Training seminar.  Sign up
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Patty Cake Air Squats!!!

AM Results
Matthew 125
Chaz 155
Mego 65
Ray 165
Big Shug 45 (HPC)
9am 145
Kristen 55 (HC)
Chrissy 45 (HC)
Ginger 45 (HC)
Cat 108
Huston 65 (HC)
Emily 35 (HC)
Peter 125
Nikki 110
Jesse 105