WOD 6/7

Make-up/Skill Day

Strength WOD
A1. Press x6x3 @ 70-75%  Rest 1:00
A2. Russian Step-ups x10/leg x3  Rest 1:00
B. Squats x5x3 @ 80-85%  Rest 3:00
C1. DL x3x3 @ 70-80%  Rest 1:00
C2. DB Snatch x6-8/arm x3  Rest 1:00

There is nothing so stable as change. -Bob Dylan

Active Recovery
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-Another round of Olympic Lifting Classes starts this week with Chad Vaughn.  Sign up here
-Free YOGA at CFA!  Sundays at 4:00pm, one of our very own will be hosting a Yoga class at CFA.  Sign up
here to find out who the mystery Yogi is!
– June 23rd is HAPPY HOUR at
Little Woodrows at 7:00pm for Steak Night!
– June 25th, CFA will be hosting Mark Sisson’s, author of “The Primal Blueprint”,  Primal Accelerated Success Training seminar.  Sign up
here to attend.

Sunrise on the Lake!

AM Results
Dana M
MG Jenny S
Tow Matt S
Anthony S
Colleen S
Andrew S
Cody S
Michael S
Amy S
Jenny S
Letty S
PM Results
Veronica S
Christy S
Kristie S
Darlene S
Fro S
Ryan S
Geno S
Liz S
Eric S
David S
Kavi Th 75?
G. S
Heather C. S
Jables M
Tasha S
Stephanie S
Blake Th
Leigh I
Stacey I
Betsy I
Nugget I
Wes I