WOD 7/14

Level Two:

Skill Practice
Muscle-ups x2x5  rest 3:00
Muscle-up Progressions (rings to ribs, rings to hips + transition) x1+1+1×5 rest 3:00
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Strength Endurence
7 Rounds
5 DB Push Press (55lbs, 35lbs)
5 Kip Pull-ups
*Time recorded

Level One:

Skill Practice:
Frank Squats @32×3
Deadlift Progressions

A1. Lift off x5x3  rest 1:00
A2. Unweighted Step-ups x5/leg x3  rest 1:00
B1. Front Squats x3x3 @32×3  rest 1:00
B2. Chin-ups x1-3×3  rest 1:00
C1. Back Squats x5x3  rest 1:00
C2. Chin-ups x1-3×3  rest 1:00

All serious daring starts from within. -Eudora Welty

Building Awareness
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– Let your friends and family know that on July 23rd, they are invited to join your at our Saturday Team WOD!  Everyone is welcome to come and try out CrossFit.
Sign them up here for the 11:00am WOD.
– Our next CrossFit Austin HAPPY HOUR will be  July 26th at 7:00pm.  The location is to be announced.

AM Results
Nick 4:19 Rx
Mike 5:54 (50lb)
JV 4:33 (20lb, J)
Marsha 4:50 (20lb, J)
Big Shug 4:27 (15lb, J)
Beast 4:40 (20lb, J)
Mego 5:42 (20lb, J)
Courtney 3:51 (20lb, J)
Tow Matt 5:23 (50lb)
MG Jenny 5:21 (20lb, J)
9am 4:25 (45lb, J)
Ballet 4:11 (35lb)
Walker 3:28 (20lbs)
Jables 4:40 (30lbs, J)
Colleen 4:36 (25lbs, J)
Letty 4:21 (20lbs, J)
Ivan 5:13 Rx
Zayra 5:09 (20lbs, J)
Level One
PM Results
LG 7:18 (15lbs, J)
“G” 6:20 (25lbs, J)
Cat 5:38 (30lbs, J)
Coy 5:25 (20lbs)
Sanchez 7:05 (40lbs, J)
Jerry 5:10 Rx
Christy 3:41 (20lbs)
Joe 3:55 (45lbs)
Chaz 4:03 (45lbs)
Alex 4:43 Rx
Fro 5:11 Rx
Carissa 6:02 (30lbs)
Stacey 3:40 Rx
Leigh DNF
Rob 3:53 Rx
Jon 3:46 Rx
Lance 5:16 1(45lbs, J)
Winner 4:10 (25lbs, J)
Natalie 5:04 (15lbs, J)
Jeanette 4:58 (20lbs, J)
Kristin 3:57 (30lbs, J)
Betsy 4:15 Rx
Level One
Yoon Sin
Mr. T