WOD 7/27

Weekly Buy In/Cash Out
2x AMRAP Push-ups
2x AMSAP Front Plank

10 Rounds
100 M Sprint every minute on the minute
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5 Sets
5-4-3-2-1 Power Clean+Strict Press
Rest 2:00 Minutes
AMRAP Kipping Pull-ups
Rest 2:00 Minutes
*Power clean+strict press weight, and highest set of kipping pull-ups recorded

The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it. -Epicurus

Love or Discipline

– Save your spot for the Mohican Warrior Challenge round 1, This Saturday July 31st!
Free Workout! This Saturday @ 11 AM!
– August 7th POSE clinic with Boone postponed, new time TBA

A great story from our good friends over at G7.  Great story, even better person.

AM Results
Chaz 18 (85lb)
Nick 26 (95lb)
Mike 30 (85lb)
David 5 band (75lb)
Andrew 8 band (83lb)
Liz 9 band (65lb)
Stephen 13 (110lb)
Rob 19 (95lb)
PM Results
Stacey 22 (83lbs)
Betsy 13 (78lbs)
Sleeves 19 (137lbs)
Blake 20 (160lbs)
Cody 13 (125lbs)
Schittone 14 (95lbs)
Cat 8 band (85lbs)
Winner 5 (55lbs)
Skipper 7 (75lbs)
Mark 8 (85lbs)
Carissa 6 (70lbs)
Jerry 21 (145lbs)
Cari 16 band (75lbs)
Peter 12 (105lbs)