WOD 7/26

Level Two

Make-up Day


Strength WO:
A1. Split Squats x6-8×3 @30×0  rest :90
A2. Strict Chin-up x10-12×3 @20×0  rest :90
B1.  DB Bench Press x6-8×3 @30×0  rest :60
B2.  DB Ext. Rot. x10-12×3 @30×0  rest :60
C1.  Snatch Grip RDL x6-8×3 @4111  rest :30
C2.  Powell Raises x10-12×3 @30×0  rest :30
C3.  Partner Glute Ham Raises x6-8×3  rest :30

Level One (Day 11)

Toes to Bar
Jump Rope

10 Minute AMRAP
5 Toes to Bar
5 Box Jumps (Step Down)
5 Push-ups
20 Singles

Never desert your own line of talent.  Be what nature intended you for, and you will succeed. – Greer Garson

Strength training superior for body comp
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– The next round of Oly Classes starts August 4th with Chad at 3:00, 6:30 and 7:30.   The 6:30 class will be for vets or folks who are already pretty proficient in the movements.  Sign up
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Mikey rockin a push-up man in Seattle!

AM Results
Level 1
Janice 7
TJ 4
Cynthia 4
Level 2
Andrew S
Darlene S
Nick Cindy 17
Turk Cindy 19
Jes S
Meghan S
Erica S
Kirk S
Tow Matt S
9 AM S
Kirk Th. 211 M
Tow Matt S
Big Shug S
Erica S
Mego S
Nick S
Turk S
Danny S
Tristy Cindy 15 (MOD)
Walker Cindy 17 Rx
Michael S
Courtney S
Peter S
Dayna Cindy 16 Rx
Zayra S
Ivan S
Letty S
Stephen S
PM Results
G. S
Fro S
Can2 S
Ryan Wed. :38 12:50 (Pike)
Dain S
Clapper S
Geno S
Jerry Cindy 14 Rx
Blake Cindy 15 Rx
Stacey Cindy 20 Rx
Cat Fri 34:40
Liz Fri 37:46
Zoom Fri 24:04
Randy S
Stephanie Cindy 15 (Jump)
Kristin Fri 23:46
AG Cindy 11 Rx
Christy M
Joe S
Nick S
Ryan S
Ross S
Aubrey S
Skipper S
Carissa Cindy 13 Rx
Tasha Cindy 12 (KPU)
Crash Cindy 9 (J, KPU)
Sleeves Cindy 16 Rx
Patrick Cindy 13 Rx
Jennifer S
Amy S
Beast S
Kavi S