WOD 7/30

*Oly center will only be open to Ursula and registered Expert Series participants 10-12 – There is still some space left! REGISTER HERE

2 Person Teams
1 Mile Run
4 Rounds
10 Push-Ups
15 Partener Pull-Ups
20 Unweighted Walking Lunges / leg
*Partners run mile together, alternate after each movement, all team members will complete all reps and rounds.


Example Round:
Partner 1:10 Push-Ups
Partner 2: 10 Push-Ups
Partner 1: 15 Partener Pull-Ups
Partner 2: 15 Partener Pull-Ups
Partner 1: 20 Unweighted Walking Lunges / leg
Partner 2: 20 Unweighted Walking Lunges / leg

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