WOD 8/11

5 Sets
6 Front Squats
1:00 Rest
2 Muscle-ups (Scale: Jumping Muscle-ups, or 3 Parallel Ring Rows, and 3 Dips/Muscle-up)
3:00 Rest


5 Minutes AMRAP
10 Air Squats
10 Swings (16k, 24K)

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Crap in the Coconut Milk

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AM Results
Nick 7 Rx+32
Juan Carlos 4 (12k)
Melicious 6 Rx
Ryan 7 (16K)
Tow Matt 6 Rx
Amber 7 Rx
Sherman 6 Rx
Arnie 4 Rx
Betsy 7 Rx
PM Results
G 5 Rx
Cat 8 Rx
Ryan 5 Rx
Mark 5 (12K)
Stacey 7+24K
Schittone 6 (16K)
Chris 4 (24K)
Sarah 8 (15lb)
Melissa 5 (15lb)
Alex 5 Rx
Crash 5 (12K)
Zoom 5 (12K)
Skipper 5 (16K)
Cari 6 Rx
Darlene 7 Rx
Anthony 4 (35lb)
Jen 6 (12K)
Megan 6 (20lb)
Jordan 5 Rx