WOD 8/15

Level Two

Alactic Endurance Test
3 Rounds
15 Thrusters in :30 for Max Weight
Rest 10:00 Minutes
*BestWeight Recorded

Level One (Day 7)

Hip Cleans
Push Press

1 Mile Run
*15 Minute Time Cap

Books, the children of the brain. -Jonathan Swift

Caffeine Fasts
*Post thoughts to comments

–  Get your Prom outfits ready….This Friday is CFA’s  first ever Prom Pub Run!  We will be meeting at Town Lake in front of the water coolers at 8:00pm to head to the first bar on our route.



AM Results
Level 1
Cynthia 10:56
Heidi 10:34
Mark 13:26
Level 2
Mego 30lb
Big Shug 25lb
MG Jenny 35lb
Michael 95lb
Tow Matt 85lb
Ray 95lb
Tall “D” 55lb
Letty 50lb
Colleen 35lb
LakeFront Bootcamps
Travis 4.5
Bibiana 4
Renee 5.25
Tara 4.75
Angela 3.5
Lisa 3.5
Clapper 90lb
Ty 50lb
John D. 85lb
Jesse 75lb
Veronica MOD
PM Results
Cat S
Geno S
Randy 85
Dain 105
Mad Dog 40
Kristin 65
Blake 130
Kaz 70
Jeanette 35
Stacey 110
Betsy 95
Turk 115
Winner 55
Jerry 100
Boone 115
Alex 110
Danny 100
Anthony 85
Lane 100
Dayna 80
Uzi 105
Sanchez 75
Courtney 50
Leigh 105
Ryan 100
Ross 90
Alex 110lb
Danny 100lb
Anthony 85lb
Lane 100lb
Dayna 80lb
Uzi 105lb
Sanchez 75lb
Courtney 50lb
Leigh 105lb
Ryan 100lb
Ross 90lb
Kavi 95lb
Zayra 40lb
Megan 55lb
Crash 35lb
Jeff 95lb
Kirk S
David S
Liz S
Carissa S
Level One
Bryan 7:33
Jenna 7:34
Emily 13:27
Chrissy 9:13
Katie 9:45
Marco 7:27
Jonathan 11:37
Josie 14:40