WOD 8/16

Weekly Buy In/Cash Out
10-12 Chin-ups 30X0 (Men Chest to bar, Ladies Chin over bar)

3 Sets
1/4 Drop Snatch+ Full Drop Snatch 3+2 (Click here for Demo)
*Post weight to comments


3 Set
10 Back Squats 20×0 (appx. 60% of you 1 RM, stay at the same weight for all 3 sets)
Rest 3:00
*Weigh Recorded


2 Rounds
1:00 AMRAP Split Squats
1:00 AMRAP Push-ups
1:00 Rest
400 M Run
15 Unbroken Burpees (Scale to a number you can do unbroken)
1:00 Rest
*Post Reps & Burpees to comments, total time recorded

Brave men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war.  -Marcus Annaeus Seneca

A House Divided

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-Gymnastics Clinic with Walker Saturday August 21st
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Our first CFA baby! Anna Rose Shanahan! Rx for Kristin on this one, 8 Minutes of pushing!

AM Results
Kirk 145lb 12:32
Andrew 85lb 13:12
Ainsley 55lb 13:23
Nick CC
Chaz CC
Walker CC
Rob CC
Jerry CC
PM Results
Patrick 180lb 12:41
Ryan 115lb 13:30
Cat 145lb 14:20
Tasha 65lb 12:08
Sherman 180lb 13:59
Sleeves CC
Blake CC
Cody CC
Fro CC
Betsy CC
Stacey CC
Carissa CC
Christy 45lb 12:36
Winner 80lb 13:22
“G” 80lb 13:00
Boone 160lb 11:54
LG 75lb 12:17
Skipper 75lb 12:42
Alex 150lb 12:46
Sarah 35lb 13:01
Darlene 95lb 13:09
Liz 110lb 13:28
TP MOD 13:20
Melly 35lb 13:44
Zoom 43lb 13:13
Megan 35lb 12:43
Jennifer 35lb 12:17
Schittone 100lb 12:01
Darren 95lb 13:35
Jordan 43lb 15:46