WOD 8/19

Weekly Buy In/Cash Out
10-12 Chin-ups 30X0 (Men Chest to bar, Ladies Chin over bar)

Make-ups/Skill/Squat Day

Monday: Dropping Snatches, Beefy Squats, and Math
Tuesday: Lift off to More Math
Wednesday: Cleans+FGB Prep

Mustard’s no good without roast beef. -Chico Marx

Get to bed

Gymnastics Clinic with Walker Saturday August 21st Sign up here.
Free Workout Saturday, August 21st @ 11:00 Sign up here

-Part 2 of the Mohican Warrior Challenge is around the corner, Sept. 11th.  If you signed up for Part 1, please email tristystep@gmail.com to reserve your time slot for Part 2!  If you are only signing up for Part 2 of the Challenge, please sign up for your time slot here
**Also, we need judges/counters!  If you are interested in helping out, even if you aren’t competing,
email tristystep@gmail.com
HAPPY HOUR Thursday, August 26th @ 7:30pm at Little Woodrows in Southpark Meadows…It’s STEAK night people!
OlyAthlete Open Saturday August 28th Click here for more info! 
-Check out the new Recipe tab under Member Resources!  Submit your favorite Paleo Recipe to boone@crossfitaustin.com or tristy@crossfitaustin.com

Squat Day!!

Andrew 25, 12, 12 5:26 (20″)
Liz 33, 16, 15 5:07 (18″)
Blake CC
Liz 33,16,15 5:08 (18″)
Rob CC
PM Results
Patrick 14:36-512
Tasha 4:10 (12,9,9)
Claire 4:33 (8,10,13)
John 12:34
Betsy CC
Jables CC
Walker CC
Sleeves CC
Fro CC
Christy 13:26-544
Winner Squat
Mark Squat
Chris 13:27
Schittone Squat
Alex 13:50-684
Peter Squat
Carissa CC
Cody CC
Sarah 15:38-448