WOD 8/19

30 Minute AMRAP
800 M Run
10 Russian Lunges/Leg
15 Goblet Squats
20 Tic-Tacs Total
M: 45lb W: 25lbs

The truth hurts, but it is better than living a lie. – Zionna Munoz

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– Everyone get ready for the Prom Pub Run tonight!!  Meet at 8:00pm at Town Lake by the water coolers.

This is just a taste of what to expect tonight at the first ever CFA Prom Pub Run!

AM Results
Ray 4 (20K, 10lbs)
Courtney 4 (15lbs, 6lbs)
Erica 4 (25lbs, 6lbs, 10 total Lunges)
Can2 3 (45lbs, 20lbs)
9am 3 (40lbs, 14lbs)
MG Jenny 2 (15lbs, 6lbs, Row)
Mego 2 (15lbs, 6lbs)
Melicous 3 (25lbs, 10lbs)
Senator 2 (25lb, 10lb)
Cody 4 (40lb, 20lb)
Heather 3 (15lb, 10lb)
Aaron 3 (20lb, 10lb)
Jenny 4 (25lb, 15lb)
Blake 4 (45lb, 25lb)
Dayna 4 (25lb, 15lb)
Kirk S
Lane 4 (45lbs, 20lbs)
Melody 3 MOD
Emily 2 MOD
Vanessa 3 (12lbs, 10lbs)
Jables 3 (25lbs, 10lbs)
Crash 3 (15lbs, 10lbs)
Geno 3 (24K, 20lbs)
Jenna 3 (15lbs, 10lbs)
Fro S
Stephanie CFT: 80 P, 180 BS, 255 DL=515