WOD 8/29

Push-up Challenge Rest/Makeup Day
Buy in: 4200/2100
Push-ups for the day: 200/100

3 Rounds
Walking Lunges (Sidewalk to Sidewalk)
12 Power Cleans (135 lb, 95 lb)
Max Dumbell Push Presses (35 lbs, 20 lbs)

*Two Person teams.  Both Partners lunge at the same time, one partner cleans while the other push presses, switch when all cleans are finished.  Score is total number of Push Presses and time.

The only thing that separates successful people from the ones who aren’t is the willingness to work very, very hard. -Helen Gurley Brown


Today’s WOD is courtesy of all the fine folks that participated in the
Dutch Lowy Performance Seminar last weekend!

The On-Ramp Program starts on Monday, August 31st @ 7:30 PM. We’ve got 6 spots left sign up online or send me an email to save your spot!

Team #1 10:15
Tristy 182 (75lb, 20lb)
Walker 182 (65lb, 15lb)
Kristin 182 (35lb, PVCx3)
Team #2 11:16
Rob 91 (95lb, 35lb)
Dave 91 (95lb, 35lb)
Team #3 12:17
Jerry 168 (55lb, 20lb)
Tow Matt 168 (55lb, 20lb)