WOD 8/9

Thrusters (95lbs, 65lbs)

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-Winston Churchill

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Introducing the Competitive CrossFit Program
Bonjour CFA! It’s been awhile since we’ve chatted via the interwebs!  I want to give you guys the low down on a new program that I’ve develop called “Competitive CrossFit”.  The program officially starts today, but I have did some preliminary testing last week (some of you may seen the sit-ups, and rowing on Saturday). So keep reading for the down, and dirty.

“Competive CrossFit” is exactly what it sounds like.   Its a regimented training program specifically for athletes that want to compete in CrossFit as a sport.  It’s geared, and programmed around the Sectional, Regional, and National CrossFit Games competitions.

As you all know my background is in tackle Football.   I see CrossFit the sport, and Football as similar beasts. When training for Football season, there is an off season that involves lots of weightlifting, with a decent amount of sprinting peppered in.   Followed by training camp that involves lots of conditioning, and lots of practice. Finally the regular season: where skills are sharpened through the week, in preparation for game day.  This is the basic philosophy our Competitive CrossFit will be based on.  As the head coach for our little gym I’m confident this is the best way to approach a sport as demanding as CrossFit.

So what’s the difference?

  • CC classes will be much more self-directed. There will be little to no explanation of movements, and coaches will focus on fine-tuning techniques, and mechanics.
  • The schedule will be considerably condensed, and participants will be expected to adhere to the schedule.
  • A certain level of commitment will be expected, the program is designed for folks that can commit their time, and energy for training specifically for a sport.
  • You may have to set aside your MetCon fix for awhile (exhibit A: Fran)
  • I’ll be a lot nicer in our CrossFit classes.

Where do I sign-up?
If people are interested in participating in the program they’re welcomed to email me, and inquire.  I have selected an initial group of athletes to start the program, but this list is not set in stone.  I am looking for folks that are ready to take their commitment to the next level.

AM Results
Melicious 6:43 (50lbs, BB)
Andrew 6:02 (50lbs, Jump)
Nick 5:41 Rx
Kirk 8:24 Rx
Ryan D. 5:34 (50lbs, GB)
David 4:57 (50lbs, Jump)
Ray 4:23 (65lbs)
Liz 12:20 (RB)
Cat 9:40 (RB)
Laura 8:44 (45lbs, Jump)
John 7:47 (75lbs)
Noon Results
Jables 8:16 (WB)
Tasha 10:56 (50lbs, BB)
Sherman 11:04 Rx
PM Results
Winner 10:50 (WB)
Cari 6:52 (45lbs, BB)
Patrick 9:50 Rx
Chris 13:05 Rx
Matt 3:42 Rx
Christy 8:24 (37lbs, Jump)
Jess 10:08 (55lbs, Jump)
Schittone 9:59 (65lbs)
Aubrey 11:19 Rx
Sarah 5:59 (25lbs, Jump)
Stephen 7:04 (85lbs)
Skipper 8:17 (45lbs, WB)
Heath 7:26 (45lbs, Jump)
Melly 8:36 (37lbs, Jump)
Alex 8:25 (85lbs)
Zoom 11:51 (35lbs, GB)
Darlene 7:55 (55lbs, WB)
Jennifer 7:51 (35lbs, Jump)
Crash 7:53 (25lbs, Jump)
Anthony 13:27 (55lbs, Jump)
Megan 10:00 (35lbs, GB)