WOD 9/13

Level Two

A1. Back Squat x5x5 @ 80%+ rest 1:00
A2. Pull-ups x3-5×5 rest 2:00
B. Deadlift Cluster x3x3 @ 80-85% rest :3:00 B/t sets
C1. Reverse Crunch x5x3 rest :45
C2. Tic Tacs x10/sidex3 rest :45

Level One (Day 8 )

Kipping Pull Up, Burpees, Thrusters

5 Minute AMRAP:
7 Jumping Pull-ups
7 DB Thrusters
*Every minute on the minute perform 2 burpees

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THANK YOU!!! to everyone that came out and helped with our “Move-In Party/ Work Day on Saturday. We really appreciate the time and sweat you put into helping our expansion take off and we couldn’t have done it without you! Pictures are posted on our Facebook Page.
– If you would like to come out and support our FGB6 athletes, please visit here for more information. If you are planning on participating, please make sure you have reached out to Walker (walker@crossfitaustin.com), as the deadline is Wednesday Sept. 13.

AM Results (Level 1)
Yoon Sin 4.5
Elizabeth Sweat Work!
Rhea 3.9
Michele 3
Cindy 3.5
Caitlyn 3.5
Heidi 4
AM Results (Level 2)
Nick S
Erica S
Turk I
Mego S
TowMatt Mon
9am S
Page S
Matthew S
Cody I
Colleen Mon
Jenny S
Ivan S
Courtney S
Noon Level I
Aaron 5.5
Maggie 4
Shane 4
JJ 2.5
PM Results
Ty S
Mad Dog S
Megan FGB
Zoom Sat
Kavi FGB
Schittone Sat
Kirk S
Carissa 2 1/6
Shug FGB
Sanchez FGB
Darlene S
Sleeves Sat
Cantu Sat
Ross S
Ryan S
Aubrey Mom
Gilbert S
Betsy S
Stephanie S
Jables S
Blake Sat 19:33
Sherman Sat 19:33
G Sat 18:01 (Jump)
Cat Sat 18:01 (Jump)
Coy S
Winner S
Amy S
Danny S
Dayna S
Leigh S
Mikey S
Jon S
Geno S
Lane S
Kaz S
Dain S
Jerry S