WOD 9/15

Level Two

A1. Weighted Strict Chin-ups x5x5 Rest :90
A2. Band Pull-throughs x5x5 rest 2:00


3 Rounds
500 M Row
10 DB Snatches/Arm (45 lb, 25 lbs)

Post WOD
A1. Shoulder opener Stretch :30/side x 2
A2. Powell Raise x10x2

Level One (Day 9)


A1. Hip Snatch (Power or Full) x2x3 
B1. Deadlift x3x3 Rest 1:00
B2. RPU/Dips x2-4×3 Rest 1:00
C1. Step-ups x5x3 Rest :45
C2. Kip Pull-ups x4-6 x3 Rest :45

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Waking Up Full of Awesome
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Fight Gone Bad 6 is this Saturday (9/17) at Camp Mabry! Good luck to all of our CFA Competitors! If you would like to come out and support our FGB6 athletes, please visit here for more information.

AM Results (Level 2)
Tariq 12:13 Rx
Mikey 12:01 Rx
Mike 11:32 Rx
Beast 13:38 Rx
Meg O 14:01 (20lb)
Janice 13:31 (15lb)
Jerry 10:45 Rx
Tow Matt 11:28 Rx
MG Jenny 15:08 (20lb)
Peter 9:13 Rx
9am 11:02 Rx
Colleen 11:05 (20lb)
Naomi 11:19 (15lb)
Melody 11:23 (15lb)
Ivan 10:44 Rx
Michael 10:36 Rx
AM Results (Level 1)
Cindy S
Elizabeth S
Rhea S
Caitlyn S
Noon Results (Level 1)
Aaron S
Vanessa S


Katie S
Josie S
Johnathan S
Bryan S
PM Results (Level 2)
Gilbert 9:56 Rx
Ryan 10:44 Rx
Big Shug 12:05 (15lb)
Sanchez 11:50 (40lb)
Kristin 11:04 Rx
Stephanie 10:38 Rx
PM Results (Level 1)
Chrissy S
Leah S
Shane S
Josie S
Jonathan S
Bryan S
Katie S