WOD 9/16

Buy In/Cash Out
Snatch Pull-unders 2×8
Hollow Rocks 2x:45

Make Up/Skill Day

Run to the Hills, Midline Madness, Sore Hammies


Squat Program

Life is a long lesson in humility. -James M. Barrie

Growing Up Paleo

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Cat flyin' high

AM Results        
  9/13 9/14 9/15 Squats
David   17:05 (Band)    
Flex   17:10 (Band)    
Eddie   18:17 (Band)    
Ray   9:30 Rx    
Kirk       Check
PM Results        
Julie     310 Rx  
Claire 12:49 (10lbs)       
Patrick   12:52 Rx    
“G”       Check
Chris   12:56 Rx    
Winner       Check
Kristin     MOD  
J.C.       Check
Kavi   13:56 (Band)    
Skipper   11:02 Rx    
Jenn     351 (MOD)  
Cara     348 (10lbs, 8lbs)  
Kristie     332 (10lbs, 12K)  
Alex 13:31 Rx      
L.G. 14:10 (10lbs)      
Stephanie 16:30 (6lbs)      
Ginger 17:08 (6lbs, 8″)