WOD 9/2

Kip Pull-up Progression or Muscle-up Practice


7 Rounds
1:00 AMRAP
3 Deadlifts 60% (add chart)
Max Double-unders
1:00 Rest
*Total Rounds recorded

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real. -Tupac Shakur

All I could Hope for by Our CrossFit Celebrity Darlene #dapriceisright
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– LABOR DAY:  Monday, Sept. 5th, we will be running a limited schedule due to the holiday.  We will be having classes at 9:00am and 10:00am.
–  Starting THIS week there will be some changes to the CFA Class Schedule.  We will be adding an additional 5:30pm Level One class to the schedule on Mon, Wed and Thurs!
–  Starting NEXT week, our Mon. and Wed. noon Level One class will be moving to Tues. and Thurs.
–  If you are interested in jumping over boxes, climbing across pull-up bars and possibly learning to run up walls, then sign up
here for a FREE Parkour Class at CFA on Sept. 3rd from 11:30-12:30pm.

Peter representing CFA in the great state of Alaska!

AM Results
Courtney 18 (S)
Erica MOD
Michele 10 (S)
MG Jenny 14 (S)
Cynthia 14 (S)
Teeny 18 (S)
Cantu 52 (DU)
Tow Matt 173 (DU)
Nick 312 (DU)
Mike 35 (DU)
Jables 14 (DU)
Danny 12 (S)
Walker 19 (DU)
Peter 20 (S)
Sherman 14 (S)
Caitlyn 14 (S)
Melicious 17 (DU)
Senator 9 (S)
Jesse 15 (DU)
Colleen 14 MOD
Kaz 14 (DU)
Scott 9 (DU)
Natalie 14 (DU)
Dayna 12 (DU)
Jenny 16 (DU)
Nick 10 (DU)
Jessica B. 7 (S)
Pantera 13
Thrust 13 (S)
Sleeves 12 (DU)
Vanessa 13 (S)
Jon S
Lane 10 (S)
Stephanie 8 (S)