WOD 9/22

Push-up Challenge Day 40
Buy in: 8000/4000
Push-ups for the day: 200/100

Max Rounds in 10 Minutes
7 Ring Rows
7 Push-ups
50 M Sprint

I am a firm believer in if you can’t get it the old fashioned way, you don’t need it. -Bo Jackson

Fight Gone Bad Strategy

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AM Results
Tony 10 Rx
Andrew 10 Rx
Julie 8 (ROM Push-ups)
Blake FGB Prep
Rob FGB Prep
Stephen 8 (Press, Step-ups)
Heather 9 (Knee PU)
Amber 11 (Knee PU)
Tow Matt 9 (Knee PU)
PM Results
Boone 14
Nugget 14
Joe 12
Matt 12
Megan 10 (KPU)
Sherman FGB Prep
Stacey 15
Betsy 13 (KPU)
Ashley 11 (KPU)
Aurelia 11 (KPU)
Smeth 14
Walker 13
Louis 12
Kirk 12