WOD 9/25

Push-up Challenge Day 43
Buy in: 8600/4300
Push-ups for the day: 200/100

4 Rounds
10 Dumbell Split Hang Cleans
10 Single Arm DB Power Snatches
10 Single Arm DB OVHD Squat
Weight: Men 35 lb, Women 20 lb

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. –Eleanor Roosevelt

– We have raised $860 of $1500 for Fight Gone Bad, we have ONE more day to raise money.  If you’ve watched the posted videos this week you know its for a great cause.

Fight Gone Bad will be 8 AM to Noon on Saturday at The Long Center we have 10 people competing and we would love for everyone to come out and show there support (No 10 AM class on Saturday).

Fight Gone Bad III 2008 from Athletes for a Cure on Vimeo.

AM Results
Stephen 7:47 (20 lb)
Kirk 10:48 (10 lb)
Aaron 9:02 (10 lb)
Andrew 9:05 Rx
Betsy 7:07 Rx
Kim 7:58 (15 lb)
Amber 8:06 (15 lb)
Laura 8:25 Rx
Tow Matt 9:53 (30 lb, Bulgarian Split)