WOD 9/27

Weekly Buy In/Cash Out
:30 Static Hang w/Chin over bar
(Chest to bar if possible, Fraction/Weight as needed)

4 Sets
3 Hang Power Snatch (Start from top of the knee) + 3 Overhead Squats
Rest :30
6-10 Strict or Partner Chin-ups (Have a partner hold both feet, one foot, or waist)
Rest :90
*Post reps, and weights to comments


10 Minutes AMRAP
50 Yard Sprint
20 Push-ups
1 Gasser
50 Double Under (pick your favorite jump rope move)

Not being able to govern events, I govern myself, and apply myself to them, if they will not apply themselves to me.
-Michel de Montaigne

Shopping List


A huge thanks goes out to our volunteers for FGB5: Michelle, Laura, Darlene, Liz, J.J, Stephanie and Ginger!!! And congrats to all those that participated...you all made us proud!

AM Results  
Mike 3 (S)
Karen 1 (S, Knee)
Michelle 3 (S, Knee)
Ainsley 2 (S, Knee)
Andrew 2 (S, Knee)
Kirk 3 (S)
Stephanie 3 (S, Knee)
Liz 2 (S, Knee)
Josh 3 Rx
Lauren 2 MOD
Shelley 3 (S, Knee)
J.J. 2 (S)
Cat 3 (S)
Julie 2 Rx
Tasha 2 (S, Knee)
Heather 2 (S, Knee)
PM Results  
“G” 3 (Knee)
Betsy 3 (Knee)
Patrick 3 (S)
Chi-Mike 3 (S)
John 3 (S)
Courtney 2 (S, Knee)
Juan Carlos 2 (S)
Christy 3 (S, Knee)
Boone 3 Rx
Melly 2 (S, Knee)
Skipper 3 (S)
Stephanie 3 (S, Knee)
Ginger 2 (S, Knee)
Julie 2 (S, Knee)
Kavi 2 (S, Knee)
Anthony 2 (S, Knee)
Zoom 2 (S, Knee)
Crash 2 (S, Knee)
Jennifer 2 (S, Knee)
Christie 2 (S, Knee)
Megan 2 (S, Knee)