WOD 9/28

Level Two

7 Rounds
200 M Row
7 Burpees
200 M Run
7 Wall Balls
200 M Run
7 KB Swing (24K, 16K)
*high effort on runs and rows, recovery effort on exercises
*Times recorded

Level One (Day 2)

Strict Chin-ups

200 M Run
3 Rounds
10 Step-ups/Leg
10 Flutter Kicks
200 M Run
*Time recorded

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Cognitive Bias
*Post thougts to comments

– Mark your calendars!!! October 15th we will be celebrating the opening of our new space with a “Fall Fit Fest.” This event will also be a fundraiser for the American Red Cross of Central Texas and the recent victims of the Central Texas fire disaster. Sign yourself and your friends and family up here for the free workouts. *Those interested in attending Barbells for Boobs will be able to do both – we promise!
Chad Vaughn’s 4-week Olympic Lifting Class starts TOMORROW (Thursday 9/29)! The class is designed to teach athletes the fundamentals of the snatch and clean and jerk. You can sign up and find more information on our website.

AM Level 2
MegO 43:49 (61lb)
Mike 33:22 Rx
Danny 30:02 (15lb)
Ty 38:13 (10lb, 12k)
J.V. 36:04 (6lb, 12k)
Janice 37:44 (6lb)
Can2 34:59 Rx
Patrick 33:57 Rx
Senator 40:25 (10lb, 20k)
Melicious 39:11 (10lb)
Erica 32:58 (10lb)
Ballet 29:55 (14lb, 16k)
MGJ 40:50 (6lb, 16k)
Beast 37:29 (10lb)
Tristy 32:53 (12k)
Ray 27:30 Rx
Jesse 36:01 Rx
Heather 40:43 (10lb)
PM Level 2
Rob 34:31 Rx
Cat 44:30 (10lb, 16k)
Coy 42:46 (10lb, 16k)
Kristin 34:00 Rx
Gilbert 27:17 Rx + 32k
Sherman 34:50 Rx
Stephanie 35:20 (10lb)
G 36:24 (10lb)
Winner 37:56 (10lb)
Jesse 33:29 Rx
Dillard 28:18 Rx
Big Shug 41:11 (6lb)
Sanchez 35:50 Rx
Jerry 31:16 Rx
Anthony 36:22 Rx
Mad Dog 34:14 (6lb)
Teeny 38:32 (10lb)
Lana 37:02 (10lb, 12K)
Mikey 30:53 Rx
Kavi 32:14 (15lb)
Zoom 38:47 Rx
Schittone 39:53 (10lb)
Dayna 28:10 Rx
Lane 29:53 Rx
Level One
Bryan 4:34
Margarita 8:10
Cynthia 6:44
Maggie 6:54
KT 7;26
Lance 7:12 MOD
Jenna 5:15
Ana 6:26
Pinkie 7:41