WOD 9/3

Performance – Week 1 of 8 Strength and Aerobic Base
21:00 Alt. EMOM
1. 3-5 Push-up @ 60X0
2. 3-5 Russian KB Swings
3. 3/leg Walking Goblet Lunges (Slow and controlled
8 Minute AMRAP
500 M Row
20 Step-ups / Leg
*Rounds Recorded
5 Rounds
:30 Deadbugs
:30 Rest
:30 Shin on Wall Stretch
:30 Rest

Deadlift, Box Jumps

A1. Deadlift x5x4 @ work up Rest :30
A2. Box Jumps x8x4 Rest :90

B1. Push-ups x6-8×4 Rest :30
B2. MB Chest Pass w/ Partner x10x4 Rest :90

Partner Relay
10 Min AMRAP
50m Sprint
3 Burpees w/0 Push-up
50m Sprint
*1 Person works at a time

:90 sec Front Plank

“Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding disease or fighting it.” – Heather Morgan


Amber and the Push-Up Man visit Canada!

Foundations – AM
Team Awesome 6
Awesome 3 6
Knock out 2
Damf 5
B&H 5.5
JT Experience 6.5
MJ 5
B&M 4.5
Performance – AM
Kristi 1+row+20
Shelby 2
Ken 1+row+11
Janet 1+row+30
Sarah 2+30m
Ivan 2+100m
Mitch 2
JV 2+row+8
Silas 1+row+10
Lisa 1+row+5
Page 2+200m
Josh 2+220m
Juan Carlos 2
Gwar 1+row+11
Dayna 2
Steve 1+row+32
Andre 2
Roland 1+row+24
Jose 2+20m
Jeff 2+100m
Ray 2+1m
Mercy 1+row+10m
Mark 2
Dallas 1+row+27
Michele 1+row+20
Ladies Class
Josie 1+row+24
Jill 2
Mer 2+65m row
Foundations – Noon
Jared 8
Performance – PM
Gil 1+row+30
Gabriel 1+row+18
Kevin 2+150m
Jonathan 1+row
Aaron 1+row+12
Ed 1+row+20
Sean 1+row+15
ABC 1+row+15
Ryan 2
KT 1+row+6
Pam 1+row+12
Evil 1+row+15
Heather 1+row+16
Andy 1+row+6
Larry 2+170m
Phillip 2+50m
Sanchez 2+100m
Kristin 1+125m
Jillian 2
KJ 1+295m
Missy 1+23
Ian 2+400m
Paul 2+400m
Allyson 1+345m
Leah 2+400m
Cassie 1+145
Bianca 1+345
Rahul 1+365