WOD 9/30

All Levels

Front Squats 3-3-3-3-3
Rest 3:00 b/t sets
*Find a heavy but not 3 RM
*Weight Recorded


20 Minutes AMRAP
10 Total DB Snatches (35 lb, 20 lb)
10 Wall Ball (20 lb, 15 lbs)
10 Total Walking Lunges
Hill Loop Medball Run (20 lb, 15 lb)
*Completed Rounds recorded

We employ the mind to rule, the body to serve. – Sallust

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– Mark your calendars!!! October 15th we will be celebrating the opening of our new space with a “Fall Fit Fest.” This event will also be a fundraiser for the American Red Cross of Central Texas and the recent victims of the Central Texas fire disaster. Sign yourself and your friends and family up here for the free workouts. More details can be found on facebook or on our website. *Those interested in attending Barbells for Boobs will be able to do both – we promise!
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Welcome to the World, Stella Elizabeth Gale! 
Born September 18, 2011
Congratulations, Gales!

AM Results Rounds Max FS
Teeny 3.3 Rx 105lb
Melicious 5 Rx 105lb
Tow Matt 5.5 175lb
Maggie 3.5 65lb
Cindy 4 65lb
Michele 4 75lb
Valyn 4.75 43lb
Senator 5 135lb
Erica 4.75 Rx 105lb
Rob 5 Rx+45lb plate 235lb
Blake 5.75 Rx*no plate 240lb
Cody 6.75 Rx 235lb
Lane 6.75 Rx 145lb
Dayna 6.25 Rx 95lb
Walker 4.25 97lb
Ray 5.75 Rx 205lb
Matt 6.25 Rx 165lb
Mikey 5.5 Rx 185lb
Colleen 5 *mod 73lb
Jules 5.75 (10lb) 93lb
Emily 3.75 *mod 58lb
Sherman 2 Rounds 245lb
Danny 7 RX 215lb
Jon 5.75 RX + 45lb plate 295 lb
Heather 5 (15lb, 10lb) 95lb
Coy 5.75 (15lb, 10lb) 93lb
Aaron 4 (25lb, 10lb) 95lb
Lakefront Bootcamp

5 Rnds

Varsha 3 Rnds
Justin 6 Rnds
Jason 5 Rnds
Travis 5 Rnds
Kendra 4 Rnds
Jillian 4 Rnds