WOD 9/8

Weekly Buy In/Cash Out
Accumulate 5-10 minutes in the bottom of a deep relaxed squat

4 Sets
:60 Front Plank Hold
1:00 Rest
5 Unweighted Step-ups
2:00 Rest


7 Rounds
10 Unbroken Box Jumps
Hill Sprint
*Time recorded

Either move or be moved. -Ezra Pound

Weight Gain with a Female athlete

-Take advantage of free Olympic lifting classes with 2 time Olympian, Chad Vaughn. Today at 2 PM and 6:30 PM Sign up here

-Ladies Night will be moved to the second Monday of the month in September due to Labor day.  It will be September 13th at 7:30pm at Aubrey’s house (4529 Corran Ferry Loop, Austin 78749)
-Part 2 of the Mohican Warrior Challenge is around the corner, Sept. 11th.  If you signed up for Part 1, please email
tristystep@gmail.com to reserve your time slot for Part 2!  If you are only signing up for Part 2 of the Challenge, please sign up for your time slot here
**We have had a cancellation for the 10:00am slot, so if anyone wants to sign up for that time slot, email tristystep@gmail.com
**Also, we need judges/counters (especially for 9am)!  If you are interested in helping out, even if you aren’t competing, email
Fight Gone Bad, Sept. 25th…sign up and reserve your spot!!

AM Results
T.P. 12:55 MOD
Kirk 9:11 Rx
Chaz 9:33 Rx
Flex 12:40 Rx
TOW Matt 10:48 Rx
Michelle 9:55 Rx
Ryan 11:08 Rx
Stephen 11:11 Rx
PM Results
Claire 10:03 Rx
“G” 9:35 Rx
Jamie 9:21 Rx
Patrick 9:13 Rx
Jesse 10:59 (20″)
Mark 13:24 (20″)
Juan Carlos 11:43 Rx
Kristin 12:46 MOD
Schittone 12:14 Rx
Darlene 9:14 (Step-ups)
Alex 10:07 Rx
Aubrey 11:17 Rx
Jerry 9:58 Rx
Julie 11:14 (12″)
Jennifer 10:47 Rx
Kavi 13:28 (20″)
Anthony 15:41 (20″)