003 || Diaries of a Coach – HALLOWEEN EDITION!

Erica’s Complete Guide to Halloween Costuming


If you’re like me, you’ve procrastinated the inevitable decision that comes around every Halloween. The dreaded costume choice. Ugh, I loathe deciding on a Halloween costume. Now, I get that there are those of you that get excited by spending money on a costume you’ll never wear again. That get excited by trying to personify someone or something that you’re not. That get excited about attention and judgment from others based on your costume creativity, originality and execution. Makes sense, I’m just not one of those people.


So in honor of this stressful for some, delightful for others time of year, and the commitment to let you in on my ‘diary’, here’s your complete guide to costuming this Halloween based on my own highly informed decisions from years past.

1) Let your alter ego take over.

This option produces not only a great costume but, lets be honest, some self satisfaction we’ve all been looking for. Who wouldn’t want to live, for just one day, in the fantasy of who you could be. Maybe it’s the opposite of who you really are, maybe it’s your dark side. But this Halloween, embrace it and share it with the world!


2) Be the ULTIMATE you.
What do you love? What do you love to do? This year, go all out. Like basketball? Go as your favorite NBA player. Love CrossFit? Go as your favorite games athlete (or Coach 😉 ). Really smart? Nerd it up! Love aerobics? Grab those leg warmers! (These should obvi make a comeback!)


3) Embrace the season.
Those of you that are lacking the creativity or courage to step into a fantasy you or an ultimate you, go with a tried and true seasonal object, persona or fictional character. You can’t go wrong with these. Options include but are not limited to: ghosts, witches, Frankenstein, pumpkins, pilgrims or even Santa (just don’t be surprised if people insist on copious amounts of lap sitting, or maybe that’s your thing…).


4) Get in touch with your spirit animal.
This is my favorite option. Maybe we should all do this one, together. A spirit animal represents the traits and characteristics you possess, in animal form. This might require some soul searching, but figure out the loudest parts of you and your personality and be the animal you were meant to be!


Alright friends, hopefully this guide gave you some solid inspiration (if not maybe a good laugh or two?). So get out there, get that costume ready, and I’ll see you THIS Saturday for the long awaited, 3rd annual Halloween WOD and BOO-runch…aka come look silly, workout and then let’s eat and DRANK it up! Sign up today!
-Coach E