006 || Diaries of a Coach

Earlier today, as I was going about my merry little way, it dawned on me that next week isThanksgiving. In all seriousness, what is happening? It gets dark at like 2pm and it’s already Thanksgiving?!?

With the start of the holiday season I’m feeling all these feels about the celebrations, the treats, the holiday drinks at Starbucks… all getting cozied up right next to my fitness goals. Threatening them. Taunting them. It’s rude really.

So in the process of talking myself off a ledge, telling myself that it’s going to be ok and that I’m not going to derail every fitness goal I’ve ever had this holiday season, I thought I’d share some of my holiday rules guidelines with the fine people of CFA. These help me to keep in mind what is really important this time of year but also keep my progress in the gym a priority.

Number 1: Chill out.

(Ok fine, in my head it’s more like, “Erica, chill the fuck out.” – but I’m tryna be classy!)

Here’s the deal, ideally, we eat for the purpose of fueling our bodies for movement and activity. However, as coach Gen would say, “Sometimes, we need to eat for our hearts.” There is joy to be had in spending time with your people and enjoying food because it just tastes dang good. Being miserable because you have sworn off any and all sweets, or alcohol, or whatever the temptation may be, is just not worth it. Give yourself the freedom to enjoy life. This will actually lower the odds of binging in response to the frustration of rigid rules that suck the life out of you. It will also keep stress levels down. Did you know that increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol can actually increase appetite and cravings? I don’t know about you, but I need that like a hole in my freaking head. I’ve got enough appetite and cravings to deal with on my own, thanks.

Number 2: Have a plan.

Ok calm down. I’m not talking about busting out macro counts and food logs at Thanksgiving Dinner. I don’t mean a rigid unwavering plan, just a general plan of attack to guide you in deciding moments. Two principles help me on days packed with holiday temptation at it’s finest. First, make more good decisions than bad. This might mean eating healthy throughout the day and then indulging at an evening event. Or make good decisions at dinner so you can have that piece of your grandma’s pie you’ve been thinking about literally the entire year. Second, prioritize how and when you choose to indulge. I don’t know about you, but there are things that I want, but I know I can say no to. Do that. Exercise that ability to say no when you can and it doesn’t open the floodgates of anger and bitterness. However, there are things that when they are in front of me, it’s happening. Remember last week’s post about our limited decision making ability and energy? Anticipate the degree of temptation you’re going to be in and plan accordingly. Can you say no? Do you want to? Can you plan in such a way that you don’t have to? Maybe you avoid the temptation altogether because you know your weakness is no match. Just think it through friends. You is smart.

Number 3: Keep moving.

This is my favorite. Keep doing what you’re doing CFA! You have prioritized your fitness by being a part of this community, investing in a training program and showing up and working your ass off. Andyou like it, you know you do. Keep it up. In the midst of a season of extreme busyness, keep moving. Make your workouts fun and make them a priority. Grab some friends and sign up for the Austin Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. Run your little heart out and then get your grub on. Or come work out with me on Black Friday. (Let’s all wear black!) There are tons of opportunities out there, find them, share them on our members page and let’s be all about moving together. Consistent movement, in or out of the gym, will keep your body running efficiently and keep you feeling good. Promise.

So hopefully that helps. I don’t know about you, but I am excited for the holidays. Enjoy them people! Let me know how I can help. Myself or any of the other coaches would love to be a part of encouraging you, keeping you accountable to your goals, and most importantly, celebrating a great year and all the progress you’ve made!

Coach E