007 || Diaries of a Coach – Your Holiday Buying Guide!


In honor of the fine holiday we refer to as “Black Friday” your loyal and trustworthy coach (that’s me… yourstruly) has put together a list of fitness gear, health and wellness products and more to up your game in the gym, and in life, this Holiday season! I’ve done some research, talked to your CFA coaches, and stalked the Black Friday sales… and here it is, all in one place! So use this post as a shopping guide for yourself (my typical buying method is “something for you, something for me”) or send it to that family member that could use some subtle hinting. Happy shopping/gifting friends!


10: SFH Protein
If you’re looking for a great, clean protein, look no further. Couple options here, a pure whey protein or a recovery blend. We believe in this one so much that you can actually grab some at CFA. Just grab a bag and fill out the sales sheet. Easy peezy lemon squeezy!

9: Yogi Calming Tea
Anything with a calming effect is probably a good idea post-Thanksgiving dinner and pre-Black Friday mania. Ease the stress from dealing with family drama and get a good night’s sleep before shopping begins! This option has a naturally sweet flavor with tons of benefits! Might be a good idea to have this on hand throughout the Holiday season.

8: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix (with Lion’s Mane)
This is a delicious coffee option that mixes high quality organic coffee and mushroom extract, which sounds pretty weird but actually reduces jitters and that dreaded caffeine crash without an even weirder mushroom taste (promise, it just tastes like coffee and Gen and Tim live by this!) The Lion’s Mane mushroom also increases focus and productivity. You can find it on Amazon, hooray!

7: Buddha’s Brew Kombucha
You’ve probably seen a few of your coaches with this in hand. I won’t drop any names here but some are drinking it for the health benefits and some are drinking it just because it tastes so darn good (AND it’s local)! Kombucha is made from the fermentation of live cultures (healthy bacteria and beneficial yeast) with organic sugar and tea. This process produces beneficial acids, enzymes and aminos. This is a local brand made with organic ingredients and fair trade tea, with tons of yummy flavor options. If you’re needing a little fuel for your Black Friday endeavors, grab a Buddha’s Brew. We recommend Basil Honey Ginger, Blueberry and Pineapple Super Greens.

6: Reebok Nano 7
Ok I have to admit, I’m a Nike girl at heart. My loyalty to Nike MetCons is usually solid and unwavering. However, Reebok had a sale for trainers recently so I decided no time like the present to try out my first pair of Nanos. Y’all, I’m a fan. (Am I cheating on Nike?!?) Not only are they FRESH AF (black with the gum bottoms deserves ALL the heart eyes emojis), but they provide a solid base for lifting and are lightweight for conditioning. Plus Alyson Bentley wears them and she’s a bad ass, so that means something!

5: Speed Ropes: RPM and Momentum Gear
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the absurd amount of double under-ing in the workouts lately? If you’re ready to invest and are officially in the market for a good rope, here ya go! RPM and Momentum Gear are a couple of coach picks.

RPM is doing 20% off sitewide for Black Friday and free shipping on order of $75. Plus, they have some CA-UUUTE handle options (which I know you gents are all about), or you can custom design your own! http://rpmtraining.com/ropes/speed-rope-3-0-super-bloom-1075/ (Whoops, did I just post the link for the one I want? I guess I did…)

4: Puori Fish Oil (previously Pure Pharma)
Ok, I know this probably isn’t what you expected on a top 10 list but hear me out. This is a necessity. Fish oils are the richest source of essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. Essential means you need them for functions including muscle repair and protein synthesis, hence essential, but your bod can’t produce them on it’s own, wah wah. (#fail) Because most of us aren’t consuming adequate amounts of omega-3s on our own, we need a hero. Here it is. Bottom line, Fish oils aid in recovery, building lean muscle mass, burning fat, and maintaining health and longevity. (#win) Let me tell you, I’ve been taking these daily for a few months now and have seen a drastic difference in regards to inflammation and muscle recovery. I even said bye bye to my dependency on my knee sleeves and all the credit goes here! This one is also available at CFA!

3: Rogue Strength Wraps
Maybe wrist issues are contagious (or maybe it’s because we just finished a strength cycle with power cleans) because I’ve heard multiple athletes express a need for some wrist support. Here you go! These cloth wraps from Rogue are a coach fav. Bonus, Rogue is having a Black Friday sale with deals on products and shipping.

2: Rehband Knee Sleeves
If you’re looking for some knee support, learn from my knee sleeve experience and go with Rehbands. I tested another brand and was completely unsatisfied with the quality. It was traumatic! Ok, not really. But I love the Rehbands I have now! You can order these on Amazon or directly from Rehband’s website. Rogue also carries multiple Rehband products so keep an eye out on their BF sale and grab some wrist and knee support in one fell swoop!

1: Lululemon: Wunder Under (High Waisted)
Sorry guys, this one’s for my ladies out there. Gen and I are firm believers in these little babies. Not only do they pass the bend over test (you know what I’m talking about) but the high waist is a dream come true. Don’t worry, I called the Austin store for you and they will have significant markdowns storewide as well as extra stock on bras and bottoms on Black Friday. You. Are. Welcome.

*Guys, try the Intent Pant from Lulu. Tim highly recommends!

And there you have it folks! Wishing you all the success as holiday shopping season commences. Be safe and win big!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Coach E