Logistics for 15.3


First of all congratulations! After tomorrow we’ll officially be over half way done with The Open. Although our weekly article is called “Logistics for 15.3”, frankly there’s not much to consider logistically this week.

So here are your logistics for 15.3

  1. Sign up for class
  2. Show up on time or early
  3. We will run 2-3 groups depending on how many folks sign up for each class
  4. We will warm-up as a group in class

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the workout itself. It’s no secret that folks are disappointed about either the muscle-ups in the Rx version, or the singles in scaled version so let’s put those concerns to bed. The scaled version of this workout is not “easy.” For anyone that’s done the workout “Karen,” you should know that 50+ wall balls is a lot of things, but “easy” isn’t one of them. Secondly, I’d encourage you to approach singles as an opportunity to improve on a few things that may not be apparent at first look. Ask yourself these question after you finish:

How well did I actively recover between sets of intense strength endurance efforts?

Could I control or lower my breathing rate while moving at a consistent pace?

Could I adapt to the rhythm of a new movement that I haven’t been practicing?

Could I maintain a challenging pace through a 14:00 workout?

These are just a few interesting things that came to mind for me when I looked at the scaled version of the workout. All of that said, have a good attitude with this version. You can either complain and make excuses or you can get better. You can’t do both.

The second big question is this, “Should I go Rx?” Or, for some the question is “Should I spend 14:00 trying to get my first muscle-up”. Hopefully this quick interview with fake people will help you make that decision.

Q: Should I scale if I have multiple muscle-ups.
A: No go Rx.

Q: Should I scale if I have 1 or 2 muscle-ups.
A: No go Rx.

Q: I’ve been working diligently on muscle-ups but still haven’t gotten my first one.
A: Give Rx a go. Nothing like a little bit of excitement and good pressure to get that first one. If it doesn’t happen you can alway do the scaled version on Monday.

Q: I wish I had a muscle up, but I never practice them. Should I try to get my first one today?
A: No, do scaled and commit to practicing and learning a new skill.

Q: I don’t have a muscle-up, multiple strict pull-ups, multiple ctb pull-ups, or multiple strict ring dips, but I don’t scale workouts no matter what. Should I just flail around on the rings for 14 minutes?
A: No you should check your ego at the door and scale. You should also realize that the number one thing holding you back is your attitude.

Ok so I think I’ve made my point, and to all of you that don’t want your heart to drop into your throat when Dave Castro announces the muscle up workout next year, check out this article I wrote a few years ago:

Training on the edge

To quote myself from that article:

“It’s easy to stay comfortable or to pretend that you should be able to magically do something instead of working for it. It’s hard to commit to a long-term or, even better, a lifelong pursuit of being a little tiny bit better everyday.”

Enjoy 15.3 folks!
-Coach Wes