Good Eats in ATX || Coach Ben Wells

What is up my fellow omnivores,


Changing it up from last time and hitting my favorite food spots in the ol’ ATX in this blog post because you have to be able to go out with your friends and family and enjoy yourself and not stay cooped up in your kitchen and cook the same chicken and broccoli for every meal . You need to go out and experience new food which could spark some interest in trying to make that food at home, thus expanding your recipe book from two items to three items.

Numero uno: Independence Fine Foods (Manchaca & Slaughter)

This lovely little spot is on my way to the gym every day so it reels me in when I really need something to eat. At breakfast you cannot go wrong with a gluten free sweet potato waffle which will rock your world and it goes great with a nice cappuccino for those coffee lovers out there. At lunch they have different selections which could range from pork tenderloin to chicken with plenty of sides which will make your mouth water. Dinner is special every night, but they usually roast something and it will be out on the carving block which they cut right in front of you and pair with two delicious sides.

Numero dos: Picnik (South Lamar)

If haven’t heard of this place you’re living in a hole. Home of butter coffee which is known for leaving you full of healthy fat and caffeinated for the day. They also have wonder meals you can pick up for the day which are paleo.

Numero tres: Bouldin Creek Café (S. First)

Even though they do not serve meat on their menus they make some delicious food packed with fresh veggies and interesting combos which can make any omnivore happy.

Numero cuatro: District Kitchen (West Slaughter)

A quick read over this menu will have you thinking 2 things. 1st everything sounds delicious and 2nd more than 50% of the menu is gluten-free, vegan or paleo.  That’s all I have to say about that.

Numero cinco: Bananarchy (West Live Oak)

Frozen bananas covered with some yummy toppings could only mean happiness for your tummy. If you are craving something sweet why not make it something we eat for extra potassium. Joe Banana is a must have. You’ll get your coffee fix for sure.

So onward, Omnivores! Go out and eat well.

Do you you have a favorite spot to chow down in Austin? Share your knowledge!

-Coach Ben