A Challenge from Coach Tim…

Happy Friday CFA!,

As many of you know, I tend to write about things that are more directly applicable within the walls of the gym. I write and post about this, but in individual conversations we are able to go a little further into what overall health means to me. Not just how to perform a lift properly or what you should/ should not eat. Find balance. Challenge yourself. Appreciating said challenge and attacking it with a win/win mindset can help us grow. We may not win them all, but with this mindset…even a “loss” can be viewed as a “win” if we contemplate and learn from the “loss”.

Here lately, your Coaches at CFA have been studying up on psychology and communication. We want to be able to listen and understand more effectively so that we can be more precise in communicating with you. Communicating …any and all knowledge we accumulate through continued education to make your experience here an experience of progress and growth. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Social. Growth.

The article below is something I stumbled across the other day in search of a different paper. However, I recently had a conversation with someone who had been in a rut. This hit home for me within the context of that conversation, but can be interpreted/applied by all in some form or fashion.


A couple of highlights that stood out in this article that I see/ hear reflected in people’s daily actions and responses;

  1. Your intelligence and personality can be developed/sharpened, they are not just  “immutably ingrained traits”
  2. There is a piece in the article that speaks about “deliberate practice”.  In the gym, we want to reinforce great form with deliberate practice each day. But outside the gym, we need to employ deliberate practice in other areas of our lives to ensure continued growth and avoid stagnation.

This weekend, I challenge you to get outside. Be still. Be quiet and think.

What area of your life can you grow?

-Coach Tim