August 2017 Programming Overview

Let me be the first to congratulate you on surviving the dog days of summer (so far). While there’s no immediate relief from this heat coming, we can at least rejoice that football returns this month. Also a new treat for functional fitness fans, the CrossFit Games makes its August debut this weekend.  I’ll be tagging along with my wife to the games this weekend, and I’m hoping to get an Adventure Series video in beautiful Madison, WI this weekend. Meanwhile a new month means a new programing update! As always a brief rundown of our general structure….

  • Strength and skill focuses run on a 6 week calendar, and are coupled together to maximize the time we have in class.  The goal is to get consistent touches at light, medium, and heavy loads in each lift and skill to create a level of mastery we can’t achieve by putting these movements in the programming randomly and sporadically.
  • Skills focuses throughout the year are designed to build on top of one another and safeguard against injury. What this looks like in practice is a simple to complex movement progression, and single limb to double limb progressions in most cases. An example is: doing single arm ring rows and single arm presses to eventually progress into strict pull-ups and handstand push-ups.
  • The conditioning work we do progresses from longer work when the strength progression is in a lighter phase, and shorter more intense workouts when we’re lifting heavier in the progression. If you prefer one side of the coin more than the other just be patient it will show back up after a few weeks.
  • We also include conditioning “tests” every other week or so. These tests will be retested in the future.  I will keep folks apprised of when a test or retest is happening and whether it falls into the category of long, light, heavy, bodyweight, or team focused.
  • Finally there will be other elements including cashouts, skill warm-ups, and additional strength / skill work peppered in to round out the program. However the above represents the core work that will keep folks moving forward over the long term (2+ years).

Strength & Skill Focus for August

We are deep in the heart of our front box squat cycle. Things have and will continue to get heavier over the next three weeks.  That said remember percentages are not absolute rules, if you need to hang back at a lower percentage to perform the reps with the proper mechanics that’s perfectly alright. Additionally don’t let your strict pull-ups be an afterthought. All your reps should be performed with a nice tight hollow body, and no chicken necking! Don’t add weight or reduce your band tension unless you’re accomplishing these things!

We close the book on this front box squat cycle at the end of the month and turn the page to snatches and dips.  Both of these movements benefit tremendously from mobile ankles, shoulders, and thorax (upper back).  Do yourself a favor and get ahead of the game by work on your mobility in those areas now, before you start tossing a barbell over your head. If you’re not sure  how to attack it, contact your CFL and they will get you setup with a game plan!

Conditioning Test in July

Below is the tentative schedule for conditioning tests for August.  Some may shift by a day or two as the weeks get put together, but all of these test will be seen in the coming weeks.

Monday August 7th
“Open WOD 11.3”
Max reps in 5:00
Squat Clean & Jerk
@ 165lb / 110 / 75
*last tested 1/18/2016

Thursday, August 17th
5 rounds for time.
12 Deadlifts @ 155 / 105 / 75
9 Hang power clean (same)
6 Push jerk (same)
*last test on January 17, 2017

Thursday, August 10th
100 Burpees

Saturday, August 19th
5 rounds
20 deadlifts @ 225 / 155 / 75
(one person works at a time)
20 DB push press @ 45-55 / 25-35 / 15
(one person works at a time)
10 Synchro Bar Facing burpees
(in unison over one bar)
400m run
(run together)
*Two Person Team

Tuesday, August 25th
Open WOD 14.5 /16.5
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Here’s to a great August at CFA! Don’t forget we also have free Weightlifting classes all month! Stay tuned for some great community events, and get those summer adventures in before school starts back again!