August Athlete of the Month || Stephen McCoy!!

Each month we spotlight a different CFA athlete who stands out and shows just how awesome they are. What is it that makes up an Athlete of the Month? It may not be the person that finishes the fastest, Rx’s every WOD, or gets a PR every time they walk in the gym. Although we love and celebrate when those things happen, the Athlete of the Month is made up of much more than physical ability. This person shows up, gives their best every time, and then gives a little more. They are hungry to learn and always ready to do the work. They support their fellow classmates and encourage them to reach their goals. This athlete embodies what we believe the CrossFit Austin Community should be about.

Our August Athlete of the Month is Stephen McCoy! Stephen joined the CFA Family in March of 2021, but wasn’t a stranger to CrossFit when he came to us! Stephen is a tried and true 4:30 fella, although every once in a while he’ll pop in on another class. Stephen’s journey hasn’t always been an easy one, but he is an incredible example of the amazing things that can happen with discipline, consistency, and a positive outlook. He always comes in with a good attitude and is ready to work hard and try to be a little better every day. And, if you ever need a smile, you’ll be sure to get one from Stephen! We’ve loved being part of the journey with him and celebrating the wins along the way! Stephen, we are honored to have you as our August Athlete of the Month and as an awesome part of this team. Thanks for your all your hard work and we look forward to seeing all you accomplish in the years to come! Congratulations!

State your Name and/or Nickname please:
Stephen, or Steve
Words to live by?
It sounds cliche, but daily consistency is really key to me making progress. What can I do today to be 1% better and the results becomes compounding over time.
What is your fitness background?
 Played sports and engaged in ‘fit things’ as long as I can remember. Rugby, Cricket (yes, that weird British sport), Swimming, Cycling, Half Marathons, Football (okay Soccer) etc.
How long have you been CrossFitting?
 I don’t remember exactly, but probably about 5 years.
Take us back to your first day of CrossFit… How did you feel?
 Excited and a little nervous. I had watched some Crossfit on YouTube including games events and saw these crazy people excelling across multiple strength, fitness and gymnastic movements. I had a feeling I would probably enjoy it..
On my first day I remember doing a modified version of ‘Fran’ with a 45lb barbell and banded pull-ups. It was super tough, but the love affair started, lol!
How do you compare it to workouts today?
Looking back, it now seems easy but we all have to start somewhere on our Crossfit journey. The motivating community really helped me make great strides little by little each year.
What’s your favorite part of CrossFit Austin?
 Like many people have said, the Community of members and great coaches. Over and above fitness, CFA has been a supportive and open community to build new friendships and encourage each other in our life and fitness challenges.
Current Training Goals/PRs?
I don’t have any specific goals or PR’s in mind. As I get older, I am more focused on enjoying the privilege of being able to use my body to do cool stuff, and having fun. I still get competitive with myself and want to push to get stronger.
What advice do you have for folks just starting out in CrossFit?
 I guess a Crossfit gym can be a daunting environment to enter. I would say, enjoy the process, be open to learning new things and the cool people at CFA will keep you challenged and encouraged.
How do you balance staying focused in your training when life gets busy?
It’s not hard for me to prioritize training in my life for the most part. I view it as my mental and physical escape from the busyness of life. It’s fun for me, and reminds me of getting out of the school classroom at break (recess) to go to the playground with my friends.
What is your cheat meal go-to?
Gotta be a stacked burger with fries, and I might throw in a ‘choccie’ milkshake to amp it up.
How do you use your fitness outside of the gym?
In the summer I love being on and in the water swimming, paddleboarding etc. In the past I have done some obstacle races and a Spartan Beast.
What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your fitness journey?
Last year I fractured my skull and sustained a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) from a scooter accident. At that point my future mental and physical wellbeing was uncertain and frightening. Through intensive physical and mental rehabilitation, and the encouragement of friends and family I was able to get back to Crossfit, and my career. I feel very lucky!
Tell us about a moment you felt most proud of yourself during a workout.
I think it was 4 months after my TBI, being able to walk back into the gym and do a Power Clean without all the mental and physical issues I had been facing. I remember laying in my ICU bed trying to visualize doing that movement again and it gave me motivation to keep getting better each day. Doing it that day at CFA represented a fulfillment of that milestone!
If you could create a WOD and name it for yourself, what would it be?
Probably something with muscle-ups in it. I enjoy flying around on gymnastics bars..
The Big Lebowski:
5 rounds for time
6 Muscle Ups
10 Power Cleans (135 lbs/ 95 lbs)
10 Burpees (yes, I am that sad)
What keeps you going on the days you don’t feel like it?
What keeps me going…? I actually don’t know sometimes, keeping my brain on autopilot to avoid self-negotiation around ‘should I workout today?’ maybe
What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?
I enjoy nerding out on investing, and currently learning Options trading. I love traveling and have visited many cool places but continue to have the desire to visited many more places. A few weeks ago I got back from Cartagena, Colombia, wild and fun place!
Tell us something we don’t know about you…
Growing up in South Africa I spent two years learning one of the local African languages called Zulu. It was so fun to learn and I use to sing some local tribal songs to help learn the language. I don’t take requests haha.
Leave the fine folks of CrossFit Austin with some parting words…
Keep challenging yourself and encouraging one another.