With the Olympics right around the corner, we decided it was time for some new USA inspired CFA gear!

Pre-Order your shirts by MONDAY (August 1st) to guarantee your style and size – Use the order form HERE

Heather Grey or Navy in each style – Front print will be the “CFA” design and back print will be the CrossFit Austin logo in red, placed between the shoulder blades.


Styles available –

Women’s cut tees – Bella + Canvas

Solid Colors: 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, 30 single 4.2 oz. (Ash – 99% combed and ring-spun cotton 1% poly)
Heather/Blend Colors: 52% combed and ring-spun cotton 48% poly (Ath. Heather – 90% combed and ring-spun cotton 10% poly)

Women’s cut tanks (run snug) – Next Level

Fabric: Light Weight Cotton Poly Jersey
30 Single 132g 3.9oz 60% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton 40% Polyester. Fabric Laundered

Unisex tees – American Apparel
– • Fine Jersey (100% Cotton) construction – Durable rib neckband

Heather Grey – • Tri-Blend (50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon) construction • Polyester retains shape and elasticity; Cotton lends both comfort and durability; addition of Rayon makes for a unique texture and drapes against the body for a slimming look • Durable rib neckband

Chest (inches)
Waist (inches)

Unisex tanks

• Fine Jersey (100% Cotton) construction (Heather Grey contains 10% Polyester)

Chest (inches)
Waist (inches)

Live A Great Life || Coach Gen

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 4.40.56 PM


[lon-jev-i-tee, lawn-]


1. a long individual life; great duration of individual life:

Our family is known for its longevity.

2. the length or duration of life:

research in human longevity.


Our goal at CrossFit Austin is longevity. Longevity requires dedication and commitment to your health and fitness. With the right motivation and the right tools, we can help you live your best life.

It all starts with finding your why. Every one of you came to CFA for a reason. Maybe you wanted to get healthier, fitter, lose weight, gain muscle, train for an event… The list goes on. While these are all valid reasons to get moving, we have to dig a little deeper to find the why.

Let’s say you came to us on your first day and said “I’m here because I want to be healthier.” Ok, what does healthy mean to you? Does it rely on numbers? Weight, BMI, blood pressure? Maybe your perception of health lies within the Illness – Wellness Continuum and you’re hoping to find yourself on the right-hand side of the spectrum. Or, you could be one of the folks that defines health as feeling good and being able to do the things you want to do day in and day out.  

ill to well

Let’s go even deeper. WHY do you want to be healthier? Do you have a big birthday coming up? Is there a kiddo on the way? Maybe you’ve got a reunion coming up and you want all your old friends to see how “healthy” you are. 😉  No matter what your reason, the WHY is the most important part. We want you to keep asking why until you uncover the reason you really came to start moving with us. That is where your motivation lies.

Motivation is extremely important in the longevity of your life. Starting is one thing, but staying is another. Once you’ve reached your initial goals, what is it that keeps you coming back? You don’t come in and work your ass off day in and day out for nothing. You’ve seen some results and you’re looking, feeling, and performing better. Once your initial goals have been met, it’s time to starting looking at the long term.


We want you to be fit for life and we have a few recommendations to help you on the path to those long term health and fitness goals.  

1)    Sweat with us 2-3 times a week MINIMUM! Part of this journey is about making your health a priority and creating the space and habits to do so.

2)    Eat clean MOST of the time. Yes, you have to eat to fuel your machine (your body, your training, your life), but you also have to eat to fuel your heart a little! Think 80/20. Plan your meals, but also indulge a little. When you’re out with friends and everyone is having a drink except you that’s no fun! Just remember, everything in moderation.

3)   Get outside or try a new sport/game at least 1-2 times a week. You don’t have to be good at it, but TRY and have fun. Challenge yourself a little to try something totally new. I’m still staring at this spike ball thing in the gym and no one will teach me how to play…. :/

4)   Go on an adventure once a year. Make this bigger than number 3…. An adventure doesn’t mean the hiking path behind your house. Do something big and new. Go on a trip and explore the parks in the area. Get crazy and try sky diving…. That one is not for me because I think my heart would explode from fear, but maybe you can handle it. Challenge yourself to explore something you’ve always wanted to try, but have always put on the back burner for one reason or another.


As you’ve probably noticed, we’re rolling out some new concepts at CFA. One of the things we’re doing to help create a better overall experience is implementing the Coach For Life concept. We are working to create a better, more personal experience for each of you, while continuing to cultivate the amazing community we have.  As a Coach For Life, my goal is to help you to continuously discover your “why” and to create a plan for your best life. Health and fitness don’t just come to a stop when you’ve reached your initial goals. Longevity is key so let’s keep going!

“The role of a leader is not to come up with all the great ideas. The role of a leader is to create an environment in which great ideas can happen.” – Simon Sinek

Coach Gen


#TBT – It’s HOT! Let’s Hydrate!

Today we are kickin’ it back to an article Coach Tim wrote last year. We are in the midst of 100° days and when you’re sweating it out like we do, you have to be putting it back in. Check out some wise words from a wise man while you enjoy a nice, cold glass of H20!


H2O is Mo’ Better! || Coach Tim Garland

The first official day of summer has arrived. As our bodies adapt to the heat and humidity that this season brings us, you hear your coaches tell you to make sure you are drinking plenty of water. What is “plenty”? Why is it so important?

Many of us know that water comprises the majority of our body. So making sure that we are consuming an appropriate amount of this clear, flavorless liquid is a no-brainer requirement for optimal health. Now, imagine yourself this summer hiking the Greenbelt, completing your WOD, or sitting by pool/river/lake for countless hours…without any water. Thirsty thoughts? Thirst is often thought of as an alert for the beginnings of dehydration. According to Merriam-Webster, dehydration is defined as;


Dehydration– an abnormal depletion of body fluids


I don’t think anyone would argue that the aforementioned activities could bring on the onset of dehydration without appropriate measures being taken. Most of us have heard the 6-8, 8oz. cups of water per day as the standard for water consumption. Yes, this is standard. However, just as our nutritional fingerprint differs from individual to individual, so should our water intake. We all come in different shapes and sizes and participate at different levels in vastly different activities. Additionally, depending on our current state of health, some systems are more efficient than others at regulating the needs of said activities. Without throwing specific recommendations out there for person A, weighing ‘x’ amount at such and such height yada-yada ya…here are some dehydration indicators to be aware this summer to help you key in on your health, thus your performance, as it pertains to water intake.

A few symptoms have been identified as;

  • Little to no urine, or dark yellow/amber hued urine
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness/lightheadedness
  • Dry mouth
  • Confusion


Conversely, proper hydration helps eliminate the chances of these occurring, and can aid us in;

  • Regulating core body temperature
  • Lubricating our joints
  • Keeping our kidneys and liver healthy by flushing out toxins and eliminating waste
  • Helps carry oxygen and nutrients to our cells and tissues


Are there other sources to help me stay hydrated other than JUST water? Yes. Although here, water is king, here are a few other ways to sneak in the liquid. Fruits and vegetables contain small amounts of h2o, as well as their juices. Keep in mind that the juices may have unwanted calories due to added sugars. Coffee and teas also contain water, but caffeine can act as a diuretic and lead to frequent urination and counter our purpose.


All in all, plan and prepare for your daily activities.

  • Be aware of your environment (heat and humidity) and what your body is telling you
  • Keep a mental note of your previous 12-24 hours of water intake
  • Keeping a water bottle with you throughout your day will help you monitor your water consumption
  • Adjust your consumption as needed to fit your daily activity level

“Mama said Gatorade is the devil”


Train smart, live smart,

-Coach Garland

3 Tips to Dominate This Programming Cycle

pull ups

Excuse me… I’d like to interrupt of everyone’s game of Pokemon Go.  Friday marks the midway point for our summer training cycle and I’d like to drop a few tips here to help maximize the next 3 weeks of training. If you’re new and unfamiliar with the structure of our programming cycles take a look at this article for a basic lay of the land.. We have and will continue to focus on improving everyone’s strict pull-ups, back squat, and clean.  So today I will include a tip for each of the three movements.

Tip 1 “Back Squat”:
Stretch your groin.  This  will not only help open of the bottom of your squat position, but also improve your ability to access the gluteus medius which abducts, internally, and externally rotates you femur in the hip. Why is this important?  Because a fully engaged hip gives us a stronger more stable position in our deep squat, which allows us to protect our lower back and knees from common ailments associated with poor squat form. It also help us lift more weight (duh).  If you need some examples of good groin stretches check out this article I wrote back in March with some quick hip and groin openers.

Tip 2 “Clean”:
Improve your rack. One of the most common problems I see with the clean is a poor rack positions. Countless lifts have been missed due to poor rack positions.  Here’s a quick test – Can you squat clean your 3 RM Front Squat? If you can’t, it is most likely a positional issue in the rack or a poor squat depth in your front squats. Lets assume its a shitty rack position. First, go read Coach Tim’s in-depth article discussing the finer points of improving the rack position with dual mobility and stability work.  Secondly, I have a challenge for you… Don’t front squat a weight that you can’t put a full grip on bar with. That’s right, no weight goes on your bar that you can’t keep all four fingers, your thumb, and at least part of your palm wrapped around.  This is will you develop a rack position that is advantageous for the clean and will also probably help improve your squat depth.


Tip 3 “Strict Pull-ups”:  
Last, but certainly not least let’s talk strict pull-ups.  Let’s look outside the box a bit here. Besides upper body pulling strength and body weight, the biggest challenge in the strict pull-up is full body control. Most of us naturally relax everything as we try to struggle our chin over to the bar. So the challenge here is to find as many ways to hang from the bar in a hollow position as possible. Full hand, active hang, 90 degree bent arm hang, chin over bar hang, or chest to bar hang.  The goal is to maintain a great hollow position, if at any point you feel your legs, butt, or belly relax jump off the bar.  This is will help you develop proper body positions in different ranges of motion of the pull-up, and ingrain proper positioning in nervous system. Don’t spend more than 2:00 total minutes hanging from the bar however.

That’s it folks lets dominate this second half of the programming like you have a rare pikachu in your sights. Full disclosure, I know nothing about the new Pokemon fad, but it sure is popular with the kids these days!

-Coach Wes

Potential ‘Potential’ Killer

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.42.21 PM

All too often, I see athletes push themselves day in and day out and watch their nutrition meticulously, only to come across the nagging injury or sideliner. I believe this issue can be conquered a majority of the time, but it requires a look within…

Each week. Every workout. Each movement. Every rep. Even every ….breath. We are presented with hundreds or thousands of opportunities to improve and make strides towards our goals. We can also misuse these hundreds or thousands of opportunities, working closer to the next plateau and/or injury. Be it a chronic, nagging injury, or something more serious, it’s a good bet that you can reduce your chances by practicing this principle.



great technical skill, or captivating personal style, ESPECIALLY as exhibited in the arts

For the coach and athlete alike, the science is in the explanation. One teaches or explains, while the other (hopefully) works to truly understand. As for the art, the perceptions may differ here.

While the art of coaching maybe up for debate, I doubt you will find many that will debate the inclusion of proper program design and relaying of information. As for the athlete, the art should include a mastery of movement. I believe your approach as an athlete, your paradigm, can have just as much effect on your goals as your genetic potential. So even if you are physically gifted, an improper approach or misguided paradigm may limit your potential.

The paradigm I’m speaking of here that can get us in trouble is, “if X,Y,Z is good…then a lot more of X,Y,Z will get me to my goals,” While the drive and determination can be appreciated and respected, not knowing when to dial it back and listen to your body can set you back. If we pound away for quantity, at the expense of quality, we are in trouble. Even if your movement is impeccable, more grinding isn’t always the answer.

I recently attended a sports performance conference with many wonderful presenters. One of whom, Dr. Bob Rakowski, broke down nutrition and energy systems in impressive and effective way. A big take home from this particular presentation, “It takes twice as much energy to recover than it does to do the work”. Stop reading for a second and chew on the previous statement.

More grinding isn’t always the answer. Movement is not the only part of the puzzle where virtuosity should be applied. We need to be as proactive and purposeful in our recovery as we are with our training. Think about the time it takes for the demolition of a building compared to the time it takes to rebuild.

As a coach, the body can be a new canvas to perform his or her artistry. Are you working with a pretentious artisan, who is constantly trying to perfect his or her craft? Or are you working with a cheap home builder, pushing out cookie-cutter homes that unfortunately start to show problems all too early?

Look within. Strive for virtuosity in movement mastery. Apply discipline. Reap the benefits.

In health,

Coach Tim

July Athlete of The Month – Jenni Demske!!

Each month we spotlight a different CFA athlete who stands out and shows just how awesome they are. What is it that makes up an Athlete of the Month? It may not be the person that finishes the fastest, Rx’s every WOD, or gets a PR every time they walk in the gym. Although we love and celebrate when those things happen, the Athlete of the Month is made up of much more than physical ability. This person shows up, gives their best every time, and then gives a little more. They are hungry to learn and always ready to do the work. They support their fellow classmates and encourage them to reach their goals. This athlete embodies what we believe the CrossFit Austin Community should be about.

Our July Athlete of the Month is Jenni Demske! Jenni joined CrossFit Austin back in June 2015, so she’s been with us just over a year! She’s an early bird, working out with the 5:30 am crew. She’s a sweet little thing on the outside, but she’ll sneak up and crush you in a workout! This girl is in the last few weeks of her pregnancy (wow!), still hanging in there like a champ. We can’t wait to meet the little push-up man! She is one of the hardest working and friendliest athletes in our crew and we’re so happy to have Jenni as our July Athlete of the Month and as an awesome part of this community. Congratulations Jenni!

State your Name and/or Nickname please:

Words to live by?
I am a firm believer in YOLO. You only live once. Live the best life you can.

What is your fitness background?
High school sports were soccer and swimming. I love the occasional hike and bike these days and of course.. crossfit 🙂

How long have you been CrossFitting?
Just over a year~ time flies when you’re having fun

Take us back to your first day of CrossFit… How did you feel? How do you compare it to workouts today?
Well I didn’t do a prep course, but I highly recommend it! The first time I picked up a barbell, I literally just tried to copy what everyone else was doing. Once I figured out some techniques to the lifts, it became more fun. The workouts haven’t changed for me really. I try to put everything I have into a workout and leave the gym feeling like I did just that. It’s the best!

What’s your favorite part of CrossFit Austin?
I met my future hubby, made lifelong friends and have worked next to some of the strongest/coolest people I know. You can go anywhere in the world and find a crossfit box, but it’s the people that make the experience. CFA has some of the best.

Current Training Goals/PRs?
Oh boy. 9 months ago I would have a different answer. My goal is to come back smarter, work hard and listen to my body.

What advice do you have for folks just starting out in CrossFit?
Just go out there, do your best and have fun. Work hard, be proud and practice patience.

What is your cheat meal go to?
Ice cream. All day, every day (literally for the past 9 months)

Tell us about a moment you felt most proud of yourself during a workout.
Doing the 2015 open. My coach had to show me what a clean and jerk was right before. It was terrifying, but I came back for the rest of them and loved every minute. This year I was 6 months pregnant for the open… bring on 2017 🙂

You are 37 weeks pregnant. How has this journey with training and growing a tiny human been for you? What does it feel like to be such a strong mama?!
This journey has been a wild ride. Apart from the physical challenges of pregnancy, the mental game has been my true challenge. It’s the hardest thing watching your friends get better, faster, stronger while I’ve taken a step back. I’ve learned to listen to my body and do what feels good. Growing a human is the most amazing, hardest thing I’ve ever done and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

If you could create a WOD and name it for yourself, what would it be?

I want to give 16.5 another shot without baby. 21-18- 15-12- 9-6- 3 Bar facing burpees and thrusters. Bring it on!

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?
Currently… eating spicy food, lots of squats, long walks….

Tell us something we don’t know about you…
I don’t bathe frequently

Longhorns or Aggies?
Who??! GO GREEN, GO WHITE!! MSU all the way

Leave the fine folks of CrossFit Austin with some parting words…
Leave it all on the floor 🙂 like when your water breaks.

MURPH DAY 2016 + BBQ Potluck



CrossFit Austin will be hosting Murph Day Saturday (7/2/2016) honoring the memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy and all fallen veterans. Liutenant Murphy was killed in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005. This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he named it “Body Armor”. We will honor a focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.


For time:
1 mile run
00 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
1 mile run

*Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed.
**Teams of 2, 3, or 4 are welcome.
***All movements can be scaled.
****Be sure to wear your twenty pound vest or body armor if you have it.




Event Registration + Shirt 

  • $40 for participating athletes
  • Athlete entry fee includes registration & t-shirt costs and donations

Event Registration without Shirt

  • $25 for participating athletes
  • Athlete entry fee includes registration costs and donations

***T-Shirt ONLY (non-participant) 

  • This event is open to all – members and non-members
  • Athletes must arrive at 7:00am to warm-up, sign-in, and pick up shirts
  • Heats times start at 8 am, 9 am, and 10am
  • Spectators are welcome
  • Donations are welcome and can be made through eventbrite, Navy SEAL Foundation, Team RWB, or on site during the event.
  • You may choose whether you’d like your donation to go toward the Navy SEAL Foundation or Team RWB

In the past, our annual MURPH Day has benefited the Navy SEAL Foundation. Last year, we decided to band together and help out a member of our own community. This year, we’d like to continue strengthening our community by opening donations to Team Red, White, & Blue

Team RWB – 

Team RWB’s mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

Enrichment is defined as creating quality relationships and experiences that contribute to life satisfaction and overall wellbeing. The concept of enrichment consists of three core components—health, people, and purpose—that define a rich life.


Enrichment Equation: Enrichment = Health + People + Purpose

People: Creating authentic connections (defined as genuine, quality, supportive relationships that generate mutual trust and accountability), reflected in an increased number of close relationships and improvements in teammates’ sense of belonging, purpose, and community engagement.

Health: Creating frequent opportunities for team members to connect through fitness, sports, and recreation to improve physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Purpose: Engaging members in meaningful team and community-based experiences such as leadership and service that, beyond physical and social activities, renew self-identity and purpose in life.

We accomplish our mission via our two core programs: our Chapter and Community Program (CCP) and our Leadership Development Program (LDP).

Read more here:

Upon registration you may specify which cause you would like your donation to go to. We will also be taking donatons on site for both charities. In addition, you may donate directly to either foundation through Navy SEAL Foundation or Team RWB

“I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.” – Vince Lombardi

Cook-out/potluck will take place directly after the event!