Chad Vaughn’s Training Invitational

***New and improved with immediate video feedback AND video review during discussion segment!****

WHO: Open to anyone who has attended a small group, mini clinic, 1-Day seminar, or a 4 week class with Chad.

What: An elite weightlifting training environment that will include a 2 hour training session followed by 1 hour of video review of at least 1 snatch and 1 clean&jerk from each attendant, WITH recommended movements/program for each different athlete’s needs, AND round table discussion(depending on time) on training philosophy/methods, questions, snacks, etc. There will be technical pointers/critique throughout from Chad and staff. Chad will be included in the 8 total training spots along with potentially one other staff member, plus 2-3 other coaches to ensure more than sufficient attention. We will have a 1-day program available that will take us all through the snatch and then the clean & jerk at the same time, followed by an exercise specific to each attendant, if time. The price will be $125 per athlete for the day OR $95 for those currently enrolled in one of Chad’s 4 week classes.

When: Saturday, February 12th at 11:00am

Where: CrossFit Austin, 8708 South Congress Suite A 180, Austin, TX 78745

Why: “This was all motivated by many productive and successful training sessions that included questions, critiques, and observations from all involved. I have come to notice that the athletes that start as my students, and evolve into actual training partners benefit much more and much quicker than someone I simply just coach. Since I am coaching and training at the same time, the combination of words and first hand execution seems to be very powerful. As a bonus, I have started to feel like I not only coach better when I am lifting, but, lift better when I am coaching! So, it has become a vision of mine to open up this opportunity to more people and then expand on it. I want to create an environment that is filled with athletes that I have taught and trained with, and who have become skilled in teaching the methods that I use (not to mention bringing in other elite weightlifters when available!). This will further benefit anyone who wants to join us for a workout in a positive, electric environment! I very much look forward to throwing some weight around with anyone interested!”

-Chad Vaughn

*For additional information or pricing, contact Chad Vaughn @