Circle of Awesomeness Challenge 2012

“If you look good, you feel good, If you feel good, you play good, If you play good, they pay good.”

Ah, yeah! If we’re quoting the patron saint, it can only mean one thing… CrossFit Austin’s  annual “Circle of Awesomeness Challenge” is just around the corner.  2012 is here, so it’s time once again to crank things up to 11!  Just like Neon Deion said, looking good, feeling good, and playing  good is the motto around these parts, but sometimes we need a goal and proper motivation to keep us inside the “awesome.”  So, once again, we are excited to present  the Circle of Awesomeness Challenge (from January 28th – March 10)!

The COA Challenge consists of 3 Primary Competitions over the course of 8 Weeks (January 28th-March 10th):

  • Fitness Challenges
  • Nutritional/Body Transformation Challenge
  • Fun, random, weekly  challenges

Fitness Challenges:

Challengers will be tested and retested in 3 different categories of fitness challenges. Each catagory is comprised of 3 tests, for a total of 9 tests.
The categories are:

  1. Work Capacity
  2. Power
  3. Athleticism

Each test will be scored on initial top performance as well as most -improved on all tests. The tests will be announced on Jamuary 28th at the Challenge Kick off.

The initial test will be on the following days:

Saturday 1/28: Tests 1 & 2
Tuesday 1/31: Tests 3,4, & 5
Thurday 2/2: Tests 6 & 7
Saturday 2/4: Tests: 8 & 9
*You will be able to make up any and all tests if you can’t make it to the gym on these days. However, it will decrease your total training time between tests.

Nutritional and Body Composition Challenges:

Challengers will be tested and retested on body composition and nutritional accountability. Challengers will be scored for most improvement in the body comp score and best adherence to  nutritional and lifestyle guidelines, as set forth in the initial Challenge Kick Off Seminar on Saturday, January 28th.

What’s in it for you?

You can win:

  • 1st Place – $225 cash + 1 month of FREE group classes
  • 2nd Place – $100 cash + 1 FREE advanced assessment and consultation + 2 FREE one-on-one training sessions
  • 3rd Place – $75 cash, 1 FREE advanced assessment and consultation
  • Bonus Prizes (Think Awesome CFA Merchandise Packages) include:
    Most Improved Male and Female
    Top Male and Female Performances
    Most Accountable
  • More bonus prizes for will be awarded for to the winners of  3 fun, bonus challenges
You get:
  • A Kick-off “Success Seminar” with the CrossFit Austin staff
  • 2 Body Composition Assessments
  • An official CrossFit Austin Nutrition Guide, complete with shopping guides and healthy recipes
  • Before and After Photos (not required, but recommended!)
  • Comprehensive conditioning tests with analysis
  • Comprehensive strength tests with analysis
  • Weekly Food Log analysis
  • 6 weeks of accountability, motivation, and lots of fun(!!!)
How it works
Once again, you will be able to score points by initial score, improvement, and “effort” bonus points.

3 ways to score:
Initials Scores, Most improved, and Bonus Points

Primary points: Top performances on initial tests
For each test, the challengers will be ranked according to performance. They will then receive a corresponding amount of points according to their rank amongst there fellow challengers.

Primary Points: Most Improved
Challengers will be ranked for the most improvement by pounds, reps, or seconds. They will then receive a corresponding amount of points according to their rank amongst there fellow challengers.

Bonus points: Accountability Challenge
Challengers will be awarded bonus points for their participation in the Accountability Challenge.  Each week, challengers will have the opportunity to earn up to 16 bonus points by adhering to the guidelines of the Accountability Challenge.

Total Score
The final score will consist of adding primary points (initial tests) + primary points (most improved) + bonus points.

The entire scoring system will be explained in full detail at the  January 28th Challenge Kick-off.

Success Seminar and Challenge Kickoff
January 28th Schedule of Events

  • 10:00am – 10:30am:
    Fitness Test 1
    Initial Body Composition Testing
    “Before” Pictures
  • 10:30am – 11:00am: Fitness Test 2
  • 11:00am – Noon: Challenge Success Seminar
    Detailed explanation and Q & A on Challenge Scoring System
    Detailed explanation and Q & A on Accountability Guidelines and Scoring System
    “Keys to Success” Seminar
  • Noon – 1:00pm:Well Fed signing with Mel “Melicious” Joulwan
Re-Test Schedule

  • *Floating Tests: Vertical Jump + L-Sit Hold
    (will be taken with body comp, and reweigh)
  • Sat, March 3rd: 2-Mile Time Trial
  • Mon, March 5th: 1 RM Power Snatch +“Karen”
  • Wed, March 7th: Make-up Day
  • Thurs, March 8th: 1 RM Clean to Thruster +5 RM Front Squat + “Annie”
  • Fri, March 9th: Make-up Day
  • Sat, March 10th: Fight Gone Bad + Post-Challenge Fiesta

If you cannot make it to the retest or a make-up day you must contact us and schedule your retest BEFORE the finale on March 10th.

You are free to schedule a retest anytime before the retest week please email and