Congratulations to July Competitors & PRs!

It is so exciting for us to see so many of our folks getting out into the community to compete! Great job on all your accomplishments CFA! Keep up the great work!

We had a huge crew of folks come out to join us for Murph Day 2015 – Congrats to everyone who participated!

Good Luck to August Competitors!

Leah Alter has qualified for the Masters World Cup of Weightlifting and will be competing on August 12th!

Congratulations to these PRs!

Leah Alter: 49K (108 lb) Snatch
Jose Gonzalez: 110 lb Snatch
Leigh LeGare: 255 lb Front Squat
Emily Keisler: 190 lb 2 RM Back Squat
Bianca Moncada: 195 lb 1 RM Back Squat
Alex Janss-Garza: 130 lb Snatch
Matt Milldrum: 300 lb Front Squat
Chandan Singh: Up 10 lbs on his Front Squat and 20 lbs on both his Back Squat & Clean

Amazing work team. If you are interested in setting up a consultation to discuss your goals and make a plan to reach them, contact Coach Tim and we’ll get you scheduled!

If we missed anyone please be sure to shoot us a message. If you have an event coming up in August, let us know!

Contact with your competition details!