The CrossFit Open is here… What do we do now?

The CrossFit Open officially begins in two days! For some of us that means year 6 of The CrossFit Open and for others it may be your first taste. Today I want to run through some quick logistics for how to navigate The CrossFit Open at CFA!


The Announcements
Workouts are announced live every Thursday at 7 pm central time. Once the workout is announced, 2 high-level CrossFit Athletes then go head-to-head and compete in that workout. We will be hosting a viewing party for the announcements and projecting the event on to our main whiteboard on the following Thursday evenings:

Thursday PM – February 26th
Thursday PM – March 12th
Thursday PM – March 19th
Thursday PM – March 26th

The only exception being Thursday 3/5 (Open WOD 15.2) when the announcement event will be held live here in Austin.

The Workouts
We will be doing the workouts as a gym on Saturdays. This will be a part of our regular group programing throughout the month. Since we do not know the workouts in advance we may have special instructions for Saturday’s classes once the workout is announced, so check the website and Facebook for any special instructions on Fridays. Also, be  sure to reserve yourself a spot in class on Saturdays at either 9 AM or 10 AM. If you can’t make it on a Saturday, you’re free to do the workout anytime during Open Gym.


Official Scores and Judging
To have an officially validated score you must have a judged scorecard. Judges will be provided and available on Saturdays however, if you can’t make it on a Saturday you are responsible for finding your own judge to judge your workout. We will have official scorecards printed and available after the workouts have been announced.


Programming for our group classes will be designed to work with The CrossFit Open workouts each week. My suggestion is to maintain your current training schedule and simply use The CrossFit Open workout as your last workout of the week. We will make sure folks are prepared to do their best throughout the duration of The Open!
And last but not least, remember to have fun! The CrossFit Open is a great time to test yourself and push outside of your comfort zone, but mostly – its a ton of fun!

-Coach Wes