Diaries of a Coach || 012 – Be Where You Are

I was going to write a post on accountability with the premise that we have this New Year with new goals and new motivations, but what happens when that motivation runs out? How do we stay in it? How do we confront the busyness and distractions of life head-on and refuse to allow them to keep us from getting where we want to be? Sounds like a great little post, eh? Well sorry, not doing it. Not today anyways.

Instead, a recent conversation sparked some thoughts in me that I’d love to share with you. A little bit different, but it’s all from the heart. Instead of “3 Ways to Stay Motivated” (or whatever it may have been), I don’t want you to DO anything today. I just want you to live and be present where you are. Embrace the beauty in and around you, right now, in this season, whatever it may be for you.

As many of you know, Monday was a big day here at CFA! New lights. Participant meet up for Whole Life Challengers. SFH reppin’. But if you were here, you more than likely saw the Body Analytics trailer posted up out front. Body Analytics conducts hydrostatic body composition testing, the most accurate form of compositional testing to determine lean body mass and body fat mass.

I was talking with one of your fantastic coaches the following day who had this testing done 5 years ago and again on Monday night. Over the course of those few years, from testing to retesting, their body fat increased by 91%. Now, in no way is their current body fat worrisome or even remotely unhealthy. But things have changed circumstantially, and consequently, this test showed it. Here is what got me, instead of being disheartened or discouraged by this, I was so encouraged by the level of acceptance and awareness of this particular coach that it is simply a different season.

Years ago, being in the heat of competitive CrossFit meant rigid training schedules, a rigid nutrition plan to optimize that training, and countless hours of skill work and mental exertion. Stakes were high, focus was narrow and competition was the motivator. It’s no wonder body fat percentage was at an all time low.

Fast forward to a few years later and life and focus have notably shifted. Movement, nutrition and overall health are still very much a priority, but the next competition is no longer knocking at the door. Goals have shifted and people, this is what I need you to hear, THAT IS OK.

All I want to do today is encourage you to really examine where you are in life. Seasons shift and change and sometimes, the focus can and must be different. Yesterday’s goals may not be today’s, embrace that. Revile in that freedom. Let yourself off the hook. Maybe you have new challenges, new responsibilities, new aspirations, prioritize finding balance and embracing all the wild dreams you have in life, not just the ones related to the scale or the next PR.

Simple as that. Be where you are, then dig deep for the next step. It may be small or it may be a giant leap, either way you’re right where you need to be to take it.