Healthy Living Series at CrossFit Austin

CrossFit Austin is excited to announce the most recent addition to our program. On Saturday, December 8th at 11:00am, we will be hosting the first seminar of our new “Healthy Living Series.”

In the “Healthy Living Series,” we delve into the 23 hours a day you spend outside of the gym. Each session will address a different way to live a happier, healthier life and maximize the hard work you put in at the gym. The Healthy Living Series is a free session open to all CFA clients and their friends and/or family.

First Healthy Living Series Seminar
Saturday, 12/8 at 11:00am
Where: CrossFit Austin
YOU! + friends/family 

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For the first session, CrossFit Austin has partnered with Airrosti Rehab Centers to address a common ailment: Back Pain. Airrosti Certified Provider, Dr. Dustin Jones, and Certified Recovery Specialist, Leigh Legare, will be coming to CFA to help educate you about:

  • Lifestyle choices and movement patterns (in life and in CrossFit) that can contribute to pain
  • Awareness strategies for creating an injury-free body
  • How to take a proactive approach to injury prevention
  • Options to help you return to activity as soon as possible

Immediately following the presentation, Dr. Jones will be meeting with clients who would like a more individualized assessment. During this 10-minute assessment, Dr. Jones will be able to advise you on whether or not your issue is something that needs treatment. The issue does not need to be related to back pain, nor does not have to be an acute injury. If you have had any kind of nagging or recurring issue, feel free to sign up for a 10-minute session with Dr. Jones.

If you are interested in a 10-minute session, sign up here.
(Time slots are first-come, first served based on registration)