Hellos and Goodbyes {but only for a while}

As you know, our General Manager and all around badass babe, Adrienne, welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world this weekend {Hello Hudson Raye Davis}! After all her amazing work, she’ll be taking some well deserved time away from the gym to get acquainted with the new addition to the family. We will see her & baby Hudson again soon, but we wanted to take a moment introduce you to the “go-to” team while she is away.
  • Genevieve’s schedule is shifting a bit. Look forward to seeing her in the early AM! (6:30 – 3:30 or 7:00 – 4:00 mostly) She will be managing the gym throughout the day so consider her your go-to gal for the most part.
  • Coach Wes is back into coaching Group Classes regularly (HELLO fist pumping, jump-around warm-ups!) and will be balancing managing the gym from San Antonio and Austin throughout the week. Consider him your go-to if Genevieve isn’t around however, Genevieve will be your first call to action.
  • Coaches Tim Garland and Leigh LeGare are stepping into admin/leadership/mgmt roles for the evening throughout the week! Tim will be your go-to guy Wednesday, Thursday and Friday either evenings or midday. Leigh will be Mondays and Fridays in the evenings.


We are also welcoming a not-so-new face to the coaching team! Many of you know him already from our Competitor’s group. We brought him on as a Coach for CrossFit Valor back in the days of our dual ownership and we are thrilled to welcome Coach Nole Steketee to the team down south! Look forward to seeing Nole around in the evenings! Bio coming soon.